Why to Logout from Everywhere on Facebook?

We check our emails often, we check our Facebook often. Since Facebook has become more than a social network, people prefer to check messages and notifications so often i.e.,more than the times they check their email inboxes. So, that means you and I log into our Facebook accounts so often from different browsers and devices according to the availability. But we forget to logout so often too! Do you think this is safe? Listen to Rohit’s story.

Rohit went to  friend’s wedding to a village where he could hardly find a computer with internet. He enjoyed the party well and wanted to share the photos taken with his friend’s high-end smart phone to his friends. He borrowed it for a while, logged into his Facebook, uploaded the photos successfully and given back the phone to his friend. Later, when he was leaving to his town, he remembered leaving Facebook logged-in on his device. He thought his friend would log it out for him so as to use his account. So, he ignored it totally.

The next morning, Rohit opened his laptop and tried to login into his Facebook. He got a notification that his account was accessed on so and so device recently at 7:30AM. He ignored it for first time and took it lite.

After two days, when he was working in the office, got a urgent call from his boss. That become the last day for him in office. He was fired with ‘abusing co-workers under gender discrimination’ charge.


Rohit understand of what happened but he cannot blame his friend for this. He has to be careful enough when he saw the first notification itself.

The incident made him go mad. The depression of loosing a growing career made him delete his Facebook account immediately and never use it again till now. 

Technology is a knife with two sharp edges. To make the right use of it, you have to be mature enough to guess the danger.

Rohit’s story might have moved your chunks of memory in recollecting if you left logged out your Facebook account on any device that is not yours! Don’t worry! I will help you log out from everywhere on Facebook. 
Log into your Facebook account from your computer.
Go to Settings > Security.

Click on ‘Where You’re Logged in’.  The logged-in locations are shown along with the current running sessions.


Identify the suspicious login devices and locations and click ‘End Activity’ to end the session on that device. When it’s done, move to ‘Trusted Browsers’ settings.


The current browser(s) are shown under ‘This device’ column and ‘Other devices’ on which you have saved logged-in in the past are also shown. identify the suspicious browser and Remove it from the trusted category list.

Trusted browsers are considered as authenticated. When you click on ‘Save browser’ once while you are logging in, Facebook categorizes it into safe browsers list. No matter who the log in person is, every log in, with your credentials on that browser will be considered as authenticated. So be careful what you click on while you are logging in. Better to avoid ‘saving browsers’ on public and friend’s computers.

So I think you finally got a reason why to log out from everywhere on Facebook! Do you find any other reason? Feel free to share it with us!

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