The Ultimate Guide for Buying a Laptop 2014

When you wanted to buy a laptop, what is that you see in it before buying? design? processor capability? technology it uses? or the face of the seller?

In fact, it is statistically proven that 9% of the people who go to a retail shop to buy a laptop by getting convinced by the retailers with some sort of products that gives them best profit. Another statistical fact says that 33% of the people blindly go with the retailer’s choice than their own.

There is a difference between the two lines said above. First line talks about those who wanted to buy a laptop with known configurations but don’t know what to go for and the second line talks about people who wanted to buy a laptop buy don’t know how to choose one. Finally, it says that only 67% are wise enough to buy a laptop to their own wish and requirement.


Buying a laptop isn’t that hard. All you need is an idea of what you wanted in it. Also you need to have an idea of the prices of the products for various hardware configurations. The same product can be tagged at two different prices of $399 and $299 for example. Buying it for lower prices doesn’t make you a clever and the one who bought it for higher price a fool. What matters here is the configuration you bought it for.

Why do you need a laptop?

The only important thing you should consider is ‘necessity’. You would need a tool when there is a work to do with it. So, identify your necessity and assess the software and hardware requirements. The sizes and features can also be considered in your requirements. Choose to buy one that fits your needs which of some are shown below.

For All purpose

If you want to buy a laptop for everyday tasks, you can consider buying a 15 inch laptop that can easily be carried around everywhere. You may also choose to buy a 11 or 13 inch light weight laptop with moderate configuration that fits to accomplish your daily tasks. Depending on the gaming and graphics you need, laptops defer in costs and performance.

The ideal configuration for all purpose laptops without much gaming and graphics is:

Processor : Intel Core 2 Duo
RAM           : 4GB
Display    : 15 inch
Graphics : Inbuilt Graphics up to 1GB
HDD           : 500GB

The ideal configuration for all purpose laptop with moderate gaming and graphics is:

Processor : Intel Core i5
RAM           : 6GB
Display     : 15 inch
Graphics : Intel Graphics GPU up to 2GB video memory.
HDD           : 500GB

For Business

If you want to buy a laptop that can process your business tasks like creating and editing documents, spreadsheets and presentations, you need a laptop with good keyboard, durable design and sharp screen. A business laptop should also be slim and light weighted in design that can fit in the bag you carry around documents with in.

The ideal configuration for a business laptop is:

Processor  : Intel Core 2 Duo or Intel Core i3
RAM             : 4GB
Display       : 15 inch or any portable size
Graphics    : Inbuilt is sufficient
HDD             : 500GB or more
Keyboard  : Non Chiclet keyboard with LED backlit

Try to buy one with strong keyboard as you can’t drag out the external keyboard from your bag every time and everywhere.

For Gaming

If you want to buy a laptop that supports high-end gaming, you should opt for one with equally high-end configuration. You need discrete graphics, a high resolution anti-glare screen and powerful speakers on the go. For more best gaming experience, you may have to spend more on configuration.

The ideal configuration for a gaming laptop is:

Processor : Intel Core i7
RAM            : 8GB and more preferable
Display      : 17 inch or more
Graphics  : Dedicated GPU (preferably dual cards) with dynamic video memory
HDD            : 750GB or more
Speakers  : Powerful
Battery     : Powerful long lasting battery

Choose a laptop that serves best in creating Gaming laptops.

For Multimedia Work

If you wanted a laptop to edit multimedia content like photos, videos and graphical illustrations, you need a laptop with powerful processor, discrete graphics, solid SSD hard drive and a full HD high resolution display. Moreover, prepare to spend for the best required configuration as it may cost a bit higher than you expected.

The ideal configuration for a Multimedia laptop is:

Processor : Intel Core i7
RAM            : 12GB
Display      : 15-17 inch HD display
Graphics : High-end dedicated graphics GPU with dynamic video memory
HDD           : 500GB SSD
Battery     : Powerful long lasting battery

The SSD type of hard disk constitutes the 25% of the price of the laptop as it is the latest technology that allows faster data reading and writing speeds.

For Kids/Internet Usage

If you want to buy a laptop for internet browsing or for kids, you can go with low cost laptop like Chromebook that runs on Google browser centric OS. You may also find a laptop with Windows around $35 instead.

The ideal configuration for a basic usage laptop is:

Processor : Intel Pentium Dual Core or Core 2 Duo
RAM           : 2GB
Display     : 13 or 15 inch display
Graphics  : Inbuilt is sufficient
HDD           : 250GB

You may choose your own configuration in buying a laptop. The intention of writing this article is to help you not to put your laptop buying decision in the hands of a seller. Hope this article gave you some idea about laptop types and their configurations.

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