Resolving ‘Windows Not Genuine’ Problem

So many of us have been customized to use pirated software. There are two problems of using a pirated software. You might have easily got an ISO file of it in a torrent site but it is as harmful as easily available. A pirated software will be hacked to use limitlessly and it cannot be trusted on our computers. The hacker might have injected harmful code and have modified major security areas of the operating system in favor to him.
While buying computers, we care only about hardware more than software. We are pretty much aware of the fact that software costs a bit high and the computer price might go tall when genuine software is preferred. You may not want to care about genuinity of the rest of the software but you should be careful about operating system at least. Most of the operating systems people use today in the world are not genuine and so exposing themselves to brutal hacks. Yes I mean it!
Windows XP is the most hacked operating system in the world and so Microsoft took over XP for its incurable vulnerabilities. Hacked versions are distributed in the name of genuine versions over the globe. These operating systems work fine until windows try to download updates and security patches from Microsoft (Stopping downloading updates to your operating system except in limited internet accessibility is not recommended at all). Before downloading updates to a operating system, Microsoft updates manager check for the genuinity of the OS and if it is found to be a pirated one shows up a message on the right bottom of the screen saying “You might be the victim of software counterfeiting. Ask for genuine Microsoft windows.”
If you see this message on your computer screen, that means its time to buy a genuine operating system. You may contact your retailer from whom you bought computer if wanted. Besides buying a new operating system, you may want to use your computer without ‘windows not genuine’ message popping up every time you boot it. At those critical emergency times, use the following technique to resolve the issue.

Resolving Windows Not Genuine Message

Windows Genuine Advantage tool is responsible for handling windows genuinity issues. It is responsible for displaying the messages while booting and when on desktop. If we could perform a little hack on this, we could overcome the problem of genuinely messages.
Note: Remember we don’t support any illegal or pirated versions of software download and installations. We are not making Windows genuine in this article but just trying to overcome the difficulty with popped messages in urgent times.
Step 1: Press Ctrl+Alt+Del to open task manager. Find WgaTray.exe in the running processes and end it.
Step 2: Go to Windows installed drive and navigate to this path: C:\Windows\system32
Step 3: Find WgaLogOn.dll and WgaTray.exe files from System32 folder and rename them.
If you can’t find the extension for the WgaTray file, got to tools > folder options > view > untick ‘hide extensions from file types’.
That’s it go back to your desktop and continue with your work. But don’t forget to get a genuine operating system.
Note: As said earlier, this is not the process of activating or making windows genuine. Renaming Windows Genuine Advantage tool is a threat to security of windows operating system. Working on WGA tool disabled operating system is not recommended.
The following are the list of operating systems and their respective prices:

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