How to Protect Facebook Account with 2-Step Verification in India?

Facebook has introduced log in approvals, a feature related to security to avoid unauthorized access and hacks to its user accounts. This feature allows you to receive a passkey through SMS every time you try to log into your Facebook account. This works just like the 2-step verification method on Google accounts if you had any idea of it.
Facebook has taken a big step forward in securing against unauthenticated logins thereby preventing them from being hacked. The feature was introduced in every other part of the globe except in India. There is no particular reason specified upon this issue officially, but experts rumor that the amount of population and misconceptions like hacking of Facebook accounts are less in India, are the reasons for it.
We’ve already discussed about how the Facebook accounts are being hacked using tab nabbing technique in the past. Alongside with that, there are a lot of techniques that are used in hacking the passwords of Facebook accounts including the conventional password guessing technique. Facebook may not be not aware of these facts and though the reason for not introducing the login approvals feature in India is not known in particular yet.
However, some security experts from India came up with an idea of enabling 2-step verification for Facebook accounts. The technique is no less to Facebook’s official 2-step verification and here it is for you.
You need to download a free application at first.
  2. Go to and free download the application.
  3. Install the application on your computer and run it immediately after installation. You will have to click on Connect to establish a secured connection.
  4. When the secured connection is established, go to your Facebook settings and click on the Security tab. You can now see a new settings option, login approvals being activated.
  5. Click on Edit and mark a tick on ‘Require a security code to access my account from unknown browsers’ option. This will pop up a getting started windows with some brief information about login approvals.
  6. Click on Get Started button to continue. A window with ‘Alternate Security Code Delivery’ header will be shown. The windows read, “If you ever can’t use a code generator, we can text you a security code to your phone.”
  7. Click on continue to proceed. You will get a text message with a confirmation code. Enter the code in the text box given below. You can also choose to change your phone number without leaving the setup. But remember, Facebook can’t send texts to landline and Google voice numbers.
  8. Enter the 6 digits one-time security code into the text box given. It will validate the code and if it is correct, it will show a message that reads “it worked” with a green tick mark.
  9. Click on Continue to proceed to the next and final step. The last popped up window informs you that it is going to ask a security code when logged into your Facebook account from an unknown browser. You can also choose to turn off the log in approvals for a week if your phone is not with you. Click on Close to dismiss the message.
Now you have successfully set up the 2-step verification for your Facebook account. When anyone(including you) tries to log into your Facebook account, you will need the extra security code that would be sent to your mobile.

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