Google Introduces new Ad sizes for AdSense

After listening to both publishers and advertisers that the new large Ad formats provide a great canvas for rich creative and perform well on many sites, Google introduced two new large Ad formats 970x250 Billboard and 300x1050 Portrait which are anticipated to help publishers reach more advertisers and also enhance user experience and engagement of a website or blog.

Like as most of the Ad sizes, these two ad formats can accommodate standard text ads in addition to image ads. Additionally, they can show Ad sizes of formats that are similar. So far we’ve seen ads of size 300x250 being shown in 336x280 ad space and 160x600 in 300x600 ad spaces respectively. In this case, a 300x250 would serve in 970x250 ad unit and 160x600 would serve in 300x1050 ad unit.

As these both ad sizes are large ad units, you are allowed to place one per page just like the limit 160x600 and 300x600 ad units have. Google hereby advises publishers not to confuse with these large formats and reminds about the game rules.

The ad units are IAB rising starts and have limited demand at present. If you install them on your blog or website, you could only see the accommodated ad formats as said above.

I have started linking the Portrait. What do you think? Did u like the new ad formats? Is Google doing well introducing such a large ad format? Speak up your thoughts in the comment section below.

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