Configuring Automatic Updates for your blog with Buffer App

Blogging is incomplete without sharing, as I use to say it in my posts often, you could have noticed if you are an avid reader of I ever wonder someone saying “don’t do sharing thing because you will loose search engine priority.”  I don’t know how much they are aware of social media referrals in ranking a page in SERP.
“We’ can’t totally ignore social media referrals as they reflect much enough organic interaction on the links.” says Matt Cutts in a video. He doesn’t mean to spam the social media groups and forums with your post links. But one link shared on the social media won’t kill your blog instead it helps you reach your fans.
To share a post to various social profiles at scheduled times is not possible every time. To do that you need to use a tool called Buffer App which automates all the sharing work in scheduled timings.
Buffer App is a tool that will help you send automated updates of your blog to various social media networks in scheduled times in a week. Firstly, you need to add your social profiles and then can configure them with your blog. Buffer App allows you send updates on daily and weekly basis. The URLs of the blog posts can also be sent by shortening them using various services.
1. Create an verified account in Buffer.
2. You will be asked to connect your first social profile. It is one time start up feature and won’t ask you the next time you log in. You may add more profiles later.
3. To add a social profile sign-in into your Buffer App account > click on Accounts on the left. Establish all possible profile connections.


The good thing about buffer is you can also set automatic updates to your Google+ page and profile which is not seen in many automated updates tools online.


You cannot directly configure your blog feed with a free buffer account. As everyone cannot afford a premium account, I suggest you to make a feed link that can be posted to buffer when any article is posted in your blog. So when a new article is posted in your blog, buffer gets it through feed link and shares it to the social media including Google+ in scheduled times. To achieve this I bring to you IFTT, the tool that makes internet work for you.

  1. Create a IFTTT account and log in into it.
  2. Click on Create Recipe > Click on this and choose your blogger platform(click on Blogger if yours is a blogger blog or on Wordpress if it is a Wordpress blog or any other listed).
  3. Choose a trigger for Any new post. A trigger fires every time you publish a new post on your blog.
  4. Click on Create Trigger button to choose the target then, click on that to choose the target. Choose Buffer from the list of apps and allow permissions.
  5. Now click on Add to Buffer to add posts to buffer when posted on your blog. Choose the content to be shared to buffer and click Create Action.
  6. When everything is done successfully, you will be shown the trigger details concisely. Click on Create Recipe button to create the recipe.

You are now configured your blog successfully to share automated updates onto your social profiles.


If IFTTT can do the same, why choose Buffer App?

You might have noticed by now that IFTTT is also a automated updates sharing tool. If IFTTT can do the same automated posting, why shall we choose Buffer App? Because IFTTT updates cannot be scheduled like as in Buffer. Buffer App allows you to send automated updates of your blog to your social profiles in certain chosen timings and in certain chosen days of a week. IFTT cannot do that.


How to schedule updates?

To set a schedule,

  1. Click on Schedule tab in the Dashboard.
  2. Choose you Schedule time zone. Choose a time zone nearer to your location.
  3. Set your Active days and Add post timings in a week. Active days are shown in blue and the rest in white.

Remember that you are allowed to set only one schedule with your free account. If you can afford a premium account buy one and it would be easy to configure the site/blog feed also.

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