Microsoft releases fix for IE bug, security patch available for Windows XP also

Microsoft had already notified about the vulnerability that was found in Internet Explorer in their security advisory portal. This bug was found in the IE browser of version 6 to 11 irrespective of the version of the Windows operating system. In this regard, Microsoft had suggested some security measures to the users to keep them secured while browsing.

A security patch was developed and the news come alive at late 22 hours i.e., 10:30p.m.(IST) yesterday. It is assumed that most of the computers are automatic updates enabled. For those, who not yet set their computers to receive automatic updates are advised to enable so.

If you are manually installing the updates, it is strongly recommended that you apply the update as quickly as possible following the directions in the Microsoft’s security bulletin.

Microsoft has made a decision to release a security patch for Windows XP too. It is known that Microsoft had already stopped support for XP in the earlier weeks of April this year. In this regard, the announcement of a security patch for Windows XP is appreciated by the XP users worldwide who thought that their machines will be permanently vulnerable to the IE bug.

ie8 fix in xp

Though Microsoft wanted to take the issue of XP for consideration, it is strongly recommended to upgrade to Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 to reduce the future security risks. There is no guarantee that Microsoft would take care of the XP in the future anymore. The reason behind releasing this patch is that XP is compatible for running IE8 which is necessary to be updated during the IE legacy fix.

“We have made the decision to issue a security update for Windows XP users. Windows XP is no longer supported by Microsoft, and we continue to encourage customers to migrate to a modern operating system, such as Windows 7 or 8.1. Additionally, customers are encouraged to upgrade to the latest version of Internet Explorer, IE 11.” Microsoft says.

XP users can’t upgrade IE to the latest version 11.0. as IE8.0 is the last supported upgrade for the decade older operating system. So prepare your computer for an upgrade today!

You can get the latest updates and news about the bug fix, attend the webcast by Microsoft today at 11:00a.m. PST and 11:30p.m. IST.

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