DVD Ripping is made much simpler and faster | uRex DVD Ripper Platinum Review

DVD ripping is a process of copying content from original DVD into the computer as to backup or edit the content or convert it into different formats that can be played on different media players. A good DVD ripper tool should not only rip the encrypted content as it is available on the DVD but also should be able to convert it into a desirable device format.

One such tool I’m going to talk about in this review this time is DVD Ripper Platinum from uRexsoft. uRexsoft is one of the leading multimedia software producer company that was founded in 2005. They have been working on the DVD/Blur-Ray/video app tools since then. Coming to the product today, uRexsoft’s DVD Ripper Platinum program is a legacy software and had been evolving in the times.

Let’s take look at the program keenly and check if it is really worth using.

Downloading & Installing uRex DVD Ripper

  1. Download the latest version v7.0 of this software from this link: http://www.urexsoft.com/download.html (The previous versions of this software won’t work in Windows 8 and later, so watch out for what version do your download if you are using Windows 8.)
  2. After downloading, you will see an application file with name ‘setup-urex-dvdripper’. Install the program by double-clicking on the setup file or clicking on right-click > Open.
  3. Wait till the installation is over.

Ripping & Converting the DVD

You will the see the interface of the program like as shown below when opened.

urex dvd ripper platinum review

  1. Insert the DVD into the DVD drive and click ‘Load DVD’ option.
  2. Choose the output format from the variant list of formats that converts the media on source DVD directly into compatible formats of specific devices such as Apple, Samsung, HTC, Blackberry, Nokia, Sony and different compatible formats of TVs. You can also convert the ripped media automatically into gaming device formats like Xbox One, Xbox, Wii and into eBook reader format like as Kindle fire. It also allows converting the original encrypted DVDs into different CD/DVD formats including web formats.
  3. Choose the ‘Output folder’ in which you wanted the converted media to be placed.
  4. Hit ‘Start’ to start the conversion. When it's done it will be shown in the specified output folder.

Pros & Cons


  • Can rip & convert DVDs into different possible formats.
  • User-friendly UI and options at eye-catch.


  • As it is named the DVD ripper, it only rips DVDs, not even recognizes CDs.
  • You can see Samsung Galaxy SVI device Samsung’s category, which is not yet introduced in the market. This raises doubt if every other format works or not. Who knows until tried out.

Note: Amfas Tech doesn’t support or encourage copying the content from encrypted DVDs by suggesting this program. It is just to let people know how to back up the content on original DVDs or use it in the format they wanted.

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