The Most Weirdest Gadgets In 2014

The annual Consumer Electronic Show (CES), 2014 witnessed the showcasing of different gadgets from companies around the world. The Las Vegas extravaganza that took place in January, 2014 was loaded with gadgets, including cutting-edge gadgets, plain gadgets and others being purely outrageous. The gadgets were designed to serve different purposes with the innovators spending their time and resources to ensure that they come up with interesting and alluring gadgets before the date. It should be noted that some of the gadgets may hit the market since then and are effective in their functionality, but it is important to see their potential harm before availing and using them. Here are the weirdest gadgets in 2014.

1. 3D viewer for iPhone

iphone 3d viewer
The gadget looks like a pair of binoculars, but it is a great device that lets you watch amazing videos in 3D straight from your iPhone. The gadget is referred to as the Poppy 3D and also allows you to record the videos. In using it, you have put the iPhone in a slot at the top of the Poppy3D and the device automatically uses mirrors in splitting the captured image into two. However, when you view the images they will appear as one because your brain fuses the two created images. Moreover, it allows you watch YouTube 3D videos to your satisfaction. The only setback is that because of the split created the photos and the videos that you will view will be half the size of the regular ones. 

2. Unique USB flash driver shapes

unique Guitar Shape Unique USB Flash Drive
USB flash drivers popularity all over the world is attributed to their uses in storing and transferring data. With the increasing demand in the market, manufacturers have sought to produce designs that are not only unique, but also appealing to customers. This has been done in an attempt to outcompete models and designs produced by competitors, but some manufacturers have come up with the weirdest designs that include: sushi USB, teddy bear USB drive, squid flash drive and lego brick USB all with incredibly weird characteristics. 

3. Kolibree smart toothbrush

smart tooth brush
Kolibree smart toothbrush connects with your smartphone through Bluetooth in tracking how well you and your family brush your teeth. It gives you a clear visual of you and your family’s dental hygiene and allows for dental hygiene competition in the family. While the gadget is effective in its functionality, its name makes it weird. The name is deemed to mesmerize a creature from “The Hobbit” making everyone wonder why it wasn’t named Bluetooth toothbrush. 

4. Pet remote

pet remote
Dog training is essential in helping it to stay healthy and fit and in instilling desirable behaviors. The Tractive’s new gadget, Pet Remote, was made to help in training dogs to execute commands from a distance. It is fitted to the dog’s collar and is quite effective in conditioning the dog to associate electronic noises with a particular command. Hence, it is useful in eradicating the dog’s inappropriate behavior and instilling desirable ones. What is funny about the gadget is that you can control the dog’s behavior from 100 feet away by pressing a button on your Smartphone or iPad. 

5. Personal thermal imaging device

personal thermal imaging device flir
The personal thermal imaging device was designed in a way that it will allow you to track supernatural visitors without needing the services of Ghostbusters. It fits as iPhone 5 and 5s case and allows you to scan heat signatures that are around you. It is called FLIR, short for “forward-looking infrared”, and is equipped with a thermal and visual camera which battery powered that can charge your phone.

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