How to Crack Password or Copy Text from Restricted PDF Files

When we wanted to use some information from the PDF files that are downloaded, password protection or copy restrictions to them really annoy. You could easily identify these files. These files would be followed by ‘(SECURED)’ at the end of the title of the file in the title bar.

By the fact, secured PDF files will not allow copy operation on it. When tried to do so, you would get a blank space of text or an encrypted form of it. The problem with restricted PDF files is that you can’t even print a hard copy of the file. The print option would also be in restricted mode.

How to remove password or restrictions?

Removing the password or restrictions is no hard task. We have many online tools those crack the secured PDF files and convert them with unrestricted privileges. So what are you waiting for? let’s go have a look!
pdf password remover

PDF Unlock

PDF Unlock is one of the famous PDF password  cracking tools. We’ll have to upload the secured PDF file and click ‘unlock’ button. It allows uploading either from computer, dropbox or Google drive directly.

Crack My PDF

CrackMyPDF is another tool that is available online to turn secured PDF files into normal unrestricted files. This tool will allow uploading of PDF files of version up to Adobe Acrobat 9. Files created on the later versions are not seeming to work as promised as up to version 9.

It can only remove the restrictions on the files with 40-bit RC4 encryption, 128-bit RC4 decryption and 128-AES decryption.

Unlock PDF

Unlock PDF is another tool for cracking PDF file passwords and restrictions. It also allows uploading files only from computer. You can simply choose the file and click ‘Unlock’ button to remove restrictions.

Two separate links for removing copy protection and password removal are made available. Either one of those can be used according to the necessity.

Removing restrictions is not recommended as they are made for that purpose. If you want to use them personally, it is ok! or else if you want to use them commercially, you would face the legal issues. Be smart!

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