Most Funniest HTML5 Games that You Can Play on Your Browser

After HTML5 was introduced, people started working out on its fluidity for gaming. These games may not satisfy a gamer in you but would definitely help you from boredom. These games can be played on any browser that supports HTML5 on it. Any modern browser can now display HTML5 content. Update your browsers if you are still hanging out with old ones.

I have found some interesting games developed using HTML5 on the internet. Here are those for you.

1. Shiba Jump

Shiba Jump game is an inspired version of most famous and one of my favorite games, doodle jump. Arrow keys are the only controls used to play this game. When the doggy falls down, pressing 'P' would start the game again.

Play Shiba Jump

2. Dragon Dash

Dragon dash is a flying adventure game. This need mouse only to control the dragon flying. Holding your mouse click would take the dragon to higher altitudes and clicking gently would hold up dragon from dying falling down.

3. Cosmics

Cosmics is a alien invasion game in which you play the hero role with your battleship. There can be only one hero at a time. If there are more aspirants they have to queue up as spectators.Each spectator can help with balloons to fight the invaders (or irritate the hero) and must try to stay alive. A dying spectator means to fall back to the taillight of the next hero queue.

4. Sudoku Island

Sudoku is a timeless classic, and Sudoku Island brings the inimitable charms of the game right at your screens, in an HTML5 avatar. The good old Sudoku board will keep you busy for hours, and the timer running alongside will keep you on your toes. The fact that you can set eh level of difficulty in the game makes it all the more enjoyable; so that you can be sure that you’ll never feel the dearth of a challenge. Get your gaming gloves on, and see if you can crack this puzzle.

5. Contre Jour

Contre jour is fluid graphical game with a Gastly(pokemon) like life form to be rolled over to reach the target wasp. Only can be used to play the game and it is really funny.

Had fun? share your feedback in comments!

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