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Google plus and blogging? what we have to do with Google plus when we are talking about blogging. Hold your confusion right there. Now, read it peacefully. Google plus is the social networking platform just like Facebook. Google created a Google plus sync to all its products and services. When ever you do something with Google services, you can simply share it to Google plus. This would be a bit annoying if you don't notice the benefit when it comes to blogging. When you create a new post on blogger it would be automatically shared on to the Google network. Blogs with more Google plus links would be indexed more quickly than the rest.

Blogs with more Google plus links would be indexed more quickly than the rest.

I recommend you to read, 'How Google Works', to get a better idea of Google indexing websites. Read the further tutorial only after reading it.

How to use Google+ on Blogger

There are six ways to integrate your blog with Google plus. 

You can add add Google plus comments to your blog posts. Very different from the conventional commenting system which I told you about in previous tutorial, Google plus comments can only be managed from your Google+ profile. To do so,

Tick on 'Use Google+ Comments on this blog' and check it out on a blog post. Enabling Google+ comments would show up something like this under your blog posts:

You can add Google+ buttons and gadgets which would help you increase your blog readers.

Another thing is sharing posts on Google. As said earlier, Google plus sharing would help to improve search engine optimization for your blog. You can choose to share automatically or prompt you to share after every publish. To 'Automatically share your blog posts to Google+'

Tick on 'Automatically share after posting' setting. This would share your blog posts to Google plus as soon as you publish them.

To get you a prompt asking you to share after every publish,

Tick on 'Prompt to share after posting'. This would pop up a prompt to share your just now published post. You can choose to share it or not. It's totally your option. Believe me! some posts are not worth sharing.

You can also share your published posts on to Google plus by using the option available in the posts section.

Note: The reader have to signin into his Google account to leave a comment. This is an advantage as disabling anonymous comments turns off spam on to our blog's content.

So I think you have understood how Google+ helps your blog in either ways. Leave your comments if you have any issues with this tutorial.

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