How to Check your Spam Report or Inquiry Status on Facebook?

You may find content on social networks quite disturbing sometimes. It might be your own private photographs, videos or some other third party content uploaded or shared on Facebook by people you have known or unknown. You would want it removed from Facebook before it makes any trouble. If it is from a known person, we could ask him to remove that content. But if you found that content from a unknown person, you should report it to Facebook. You have a right to report against the content on Facebook and it will be taken seriously by Facebook spam team.

Facebook spam team would consider spam reports from their users very seriously. They would investigate keenly on the issue that you filed against the content and take appropriate actions. The status for spam reports or inquiries is made available to you privately.

In this article I'm going to help you find the status of the reports in your Facebook account so that you can track them till action taken.

To check your report's status, Go to Facebook > Settings > Support Dashboard.

This is the spot where you can find the latest statuses of the spam reports, inquiries and more such information. Take a look at the screenshot below for example.

You can find two latest statuses of spam reports I have submitted from the above screenshot. The first status shows that the xxxxx person have removed the photograph containing nudity or pornography and the second status showing that the photo was removed(by Facebook itself).

You can choose to turn on or off the status reports. Click on the 'Notifications' and choose 'off' option to turn off the notifications. It is better to keep the notification alive as they do no harm or annoy very frequently. Stay safe on Facebook.

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