How to Speedup your Android Phone?

No matter what kind of processor you use and how much internal memory your android had. The number of apps running background and the graphics that are displayed during transitions is all matters when it comes to the speeding up of the tasks. There are five main reasons why your android device, even with a high configuration lags. Avoiding them would make your phone run better. Take a look at them!

Speedup Android

Kill or Disable Unused Background Apps

Android phones with loads of applications running in background and foreground would make the device lag before they make you happy using them. Find such heavy applications running against your configuration and kill them. Better to uninstall these applications so as to avoid hardware problems in the future. Some applications that come along with the devices cannot be uninstalled. Disable these apps in case you find them eating away most of the processor.

Avoid Live Wallpapers

Live wallpapers eat away the processor. They may look nice moving but they aren’t fair enough to move the required tasks smoothly. Live wallpapers have an adverse effect on applications that use data effectively, like Facebook. Games like Vector would slow down while playing. Removing the live wallpapers would help those apps run better. You can also save battery life by avoiding these live wallpapers.

Remove Excessive Widgets

Excessive widgets is another reason why your apps on Android slow down. Remove excessive widgets from your home screen by simply clicking and holding them for a second and drag them out to the top of the screen. You can add some if you wanted just by click and hold method on the desktop again.

Clear Cache Memory Rarely Atleast

Not only computers, smartphones like Android phones also have cache memory. This cache memory fills up when days pass with all those apps installed. You need to clear your cache from time to time but not so frequently. You no need to be a tech geek to clear the cache, simply download and install either of App Cache Cleaner or Clean Master applications and clean it with simple clicks.

Update Applications

Are you still using those old applications on your smartphone? If so, this might be one of the reasons for your Android lagging. Check for app updates eventually. Updating device with latest apps would eliminate the bugs with which the old apps are running. This might cost you an extra bit of data charges.

These five are not the only reasons for your android lagging. Maintain your smart phone to get the best of it. Feel free comment your thoughts!

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