How to block ads from certain sources in Adsense

Adsense, being the best earning source for blogger gives flexibility for the publishers to implement and control the ad units on their website or blog. Ads that show up on our blog might show some unwanted ads and some disturbing content sometimes. If your blog is targeting children and teenagers, better to block ads from certain sources. Google Adsense allow us to control the Ad categories to be shown on our sites. You can block or allow ads from certain sources according to your blog's niche.

How to block ads from certain sources

  • Login to your Adsense account.
  • Click on 'Allow & Block ads' tab. Then you'll find some internal tabs Advertiser URLs, General Categories, Sensitive Categories, Ad Network, Ad Serving, Ads (Ads Review Center).
  • Click on General categories and you will find the all categories of ads that would be showing up on your ad slots on your site/blog. You can block a whole category or you can just block some products in each category. 
  • Some ad sources are large enough to be blocked in a whole. To disable ads from such resources, simply block it's internal categories.

Blocking Ads from particular URLs 

Adsense also allow us to block ads from certain URLs instead of blocking entire category. To block ads from particular URLs,

  • Click on Advertiser's URLs category. Then you will find a text area asking URLs to be blocked from showing up on your website/blog.
  • Enter URLs of advertisers you don't want to see on your website. Click on 'Block URLs' when you are done.
Blocking ads from some sources might not effect your earnings, but blocking ads from many sources may. Choose wisely the categories when blocking. 

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