A Seminar on Mobile Communications through Stratosphere


Today we are in danger due to health hazards caused by mobile radiation. Recent surveys and experts confirmed that continuous exposure to mobile radiation causes brain tumors, cancers, headache and stress feeling. Not only human beings but also birds, animals are facing lot of problems due to mobile radiation exposure ,but many Mobile Network operators establishing Antennas in and around us without meeting the guidelines of Government. Then how to reduce the effect of the radiation caused by the antennas, where to construct these antennas ? The answer is somewhat crazy i.e., in SKY. Recent research and experiments by NASA and JAPAN suggested that we can establish these antennas in the SKY i.e., in stratosphere where the velocity of wind is 10-15 miles/hr. These antennas in sky are termed as HAPS (High Altitude Platform stations). These platforms are established above the region of air-traffic control in stratosphere and are used not only for mobile communication purpose but also in Broadband services, monitoring volcanic eruptions, flood effected regions with less investment compared to Satellites sent to outer space.

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