A Paper Presentation on Zigbee Wireless Communication


The concept of zigbee is associated with controlling all electronic devices and communicating with themselves with the surrounding by using simple our mobile or pc by using this latest technology.The serious problem in this world is cables tremendous growth in science which is solved by this.

Zigbee is a set of specs built around the IEEE 802.15.4 wireless protocol. Zigbee devices are actively limited to a through-rate of 250kbps,operating on the 2.4GHZ ISM band,which is available throughout most of the world .This acts as co-ordinate and slave.This gives commands and receives commands from other electronic devices. This can connect upto 65,553 devices per unit.The important feature of Zigbee is provide with memory and logical unit for the first time.This helps in taking independent decisions by itself with need of coordinator,which help in sensor devices.There are technologies which already available in the market line BloothTooth.Their some ensured suides in that which lead to develop Zigbee.It has major advantage that it has low power consumption (30ma). Other advantages that it provide high security to all electronic devices.Another important thing is that it is of low cost.This can serve all purposes in industries and home appliancies ….It is very simple to operate by everyone . By all my statements I can conclude that in future we are going to a new world with cables,everything is done by single controls without using multi switches multi purposes.

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