Watch 18+ Videos on YouTube without Signing in

'YouTube' is the most popular video streaming service that any internet user is aware of. The videos in it are being protected with policies including child safety. So as per them, it won't allow videos that are not recommended for users under 18 years. You might have came over this issue when you tried to watch the videos from YouTube without signing in. But signing in at all times is definitely not a smart move to go on with.

Note: This article doesn't motivate children to bypass the restriction, but to enable the quick access to YouTube service. Amfas Tech is not liable to the consequences there after.

Follow the process carefully to access 18+ YouTube videos without signing in.

Step 1: When you try to watch a video without signing in, it would look like this

Step 2: Observe here the code gHGDN9-oFJE represents the video you wanted to watch.

Step 3: Simply add ?fs=1& at he end of the video code in the URL. This removes the 18+ restriction on that video.

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