How To Browse Anonymous On Internet

When you are browsing the internet, the URL you have typed would be converted in to the corresponding IP address. The domain you actually typed would be sent to the Domain Name Server(DNS) to convert into the respective IP address. This process of conversion into IP address is called DNS Lookup. The web browser will respond to the DNS server and will connect to the website with in few seconds, sometimes you might not see its coming.

Ok, Tell me about anonymity now!

I’m already on it. As I said earlier, your DNS server would direct you to the URL you have typed in the address bar. You can replace them with proxy servers available on internet. The proxy is an IP address of the server that is placed in between your computer and the internet. These proxies are generally used to filter web content, unblock websites and to surf anonymous on the internet.

Where does these proxies exist?

There are a numerous proxies available on the internet but not every proxy server is safe to use. Only some proxies are secured proxies which are mostly preferred to others.

We have proxy software tools that are available for free on the internet. For example: TOR is the freeware available to download for free on the internet to enable anonymity while you are surfing.

To know how to install and use TOR, I recommend you to read my article Browse Safe! Hide Your Identity On Internet

There are other proxies available to browse anonymous on the internet. They no need to be installed on our systems just like TOR. Web proxies are the websites that allow you to type the target URL you want to unblock or browse anonymous without being tracked. This type of web proxies are called URL obfuscating proxies which hide the URL you wanted to access in a manner that nobody can figure out the actual website by just looking at the URL.

These list of proxies are to be configured correctly in order to enable anonymity. You can connect to multiple proxy servers at a time to increase the level of anonymity. Multiple levels of proxying achieves the high anonymity levels. This multiple anonymity levels are called ‘Proxy Bouncing’ or ‘Proxy Chaining’! I’ll let you know about them in future.

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