A Seminar on Plasmonics | Abstract Download


With the increasing quest for transporting large amounts of data at a fast speed along with miniaturization both electronics and photonics are facing limitations. Thus plasmonics is an upcoming technology that has the capacity of photonics and smallness of electronics which is to overcome the limitations of photonics and electronics. Before all plasmonic chips are developed plasmonics will probably be integrated with conventional silicon devices.Plasmonic wires will act as high band width free ways across the busiest areas of the chip. Plasmonics is useful in many areas for example it can useful in industry, optical, electronics, defense, medical systems. The emphasis is laid on basic definition of plasmonics, the need for idea of plasmonics, plasmonics as a researcher’s interest, some of the basic applications of plasmonics. Much focus is laid on the explanation of some of the applications which include Funneling of light, faster chips, Treatment of cancer and even invisibility.'

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