A Dot net Project on Enterprise Organization Portal


System with adaptability to any organization to monitor the work done by people with respect to time and also assigning work Captures daily work done by employees Provides communication module. Summary reports on work done by employees. Attendance report based on the entered work details. Online work log entry and work assignment. Online leave application and sanctioning. Address book to store the contact numbers and personal information Scheduler to keep mark notes on a particular day. Feedback which ensures the management to look up the comments By the employ Uploading and downloading facility Information about all the existing branches of the organization. The newsletters regarding the day to day affairs of the organization. The proposed Enterprise Organization System consists of a login screen from which the users and administrator could logon in to the system. In this System, the users are given different roles. Each role is associated with some services. The various roles are teaching faculty, programmers, lab assistants, testers, System analysts, in charge of sub centers, accountant, counselor etc. Admin is the head of all branches and is responsible for user management and the database administration. 


The Enterprise Organization System process starts with the creation of users and mapping their roles from the administrator login. The system will maintain the check-in time and checkout time daily and will allow the users to enter their work log daily and has a provision to enter the yesterdays work log details also(exemption given to  enter backlogs of previous day).


The attendance report will be generated based upon the work log entered and the holidays list that was given and based upon a constraint that the first 15 leaves or absence will be considered as leaves only. Exceeding of that 15 will be treated as absent and the salary will be deducted based upon that.


Reports to view the work done by the users day wise, weekly, month wise based on the work log entered by the users facilitated. Messaging facility is also there through which users can interact with other users. Notice board facility is also provided in order to put some files to download the contents like ppts, salary statements. Address book facility to add the contact details of the friends of the user. Scheduler to keep track notes on a particular day schedule. Meetings, feedback details can also be added.


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