The Most Recommended Download Manager for Windows

If you download more on internet and if I ask you, “which download manager you use or like to use?” the answer would be expectedly “Internet Download Manager(IDM)”. If you download less and if I ask you, “which download manager you use or like to use?”, the answer from you would be the same, “IDM”. I were asked the second question I would say Microsoft Download Manager (MDM).

Microsoft Download Manager

Microsoft Download Manager is the light-weight application that can be used to manage downloads from the internet dedicatedly designed for ‘Windows’ operating systems. It is freely available to all windows users and have very easy options that a newbie can be easily accustomed to it.

It have the basic options like resume, suspend and clear list that a download manager would be having in general. The downloading progress of the files can be seen in the below pane. It can even run in background minimized to tray.

The settings are available in two tabbed categories. ‘General’ and ‘Proxy’.

General Settings in Microsoft Download Manager

The general settings would allow us,
  • To choose the destination folder of the downloaded files.
  • To control the download errors.
  • maximum connections and
  • Notifications of the download manager.
You can have maximum of 9999 trials to download a file when shown error and 9999 seconds of retrieval waiting time of the downloads.

You can download maximum of 16 downloads at a time. Further added downloads would stand in a queue.

Microsoft Download Manager can run in background without popping up any details of the  finished and ongoing downloads. This feature would be helpful in not disturbing us while in important meetings or work.

MDM also allow to download files using proxies. There are dedicated settings for the proxy options. It allow us to use browser proxies, manual proxies or no proxies at all.

MDM proxy settings

MDM is a cool and the best download manager tool for windows operating system. Microsoft seems like released a testing sample in the tech market. Though, it makes a perfect sync with the any version of windows operating system. If you download less in a day, I recommend you this light-weight application from Microsoft. If you are a pro downloader and download a lot of stuff on the internet, better to use IDM ultimately.

You can download the Microsoft Download Manager for windows here.

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