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Purpose of a project is to provide an environment for sharing photos bundled in the form of gallery with your loved ones or with the rest of the world. The application should have a controlling environment from where the administrator can manage galleries.  The application can be generalized as a product, which can be used for other activities such as hosting personal portfolio’s, client portfolio’s, etc.



The current system is a manual system where in the sharing is done manually by printing multiple copies of the same pictures and posting the copies to different people, in which the cost of printing and posting will be added burden on the person. In case the application is used for portfolio hosting an unavailability of application such as Desi gallery with cost heavily for a person interested in sharing his portfolio.  As a free resource for sharing the pictures the person printing the photos can easily host the pictures for customers for sharing them as a service to customer. Providing one such service will attract more customers and benefit the organization implementing Desi gallery.



Desi gallery is a unique solution for managing galleries online.  Easy user interfaces and hosting of images online is a feature, which makes the uploading the content to web environment a difficult issue. Managing the cache to speed up the slide show feature for the clients speeds up the viewing abilities of the viewers. The printing functionality is supported by other website where in the person can order for the interested prints which will be delivered to the customer


Download Abstract & Source Code

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