Microsoft launches a dedicated portal for Indian developers

Global software major Microsoft has built a dedicated portal for its Indian developers with a community-based platform to network and engage, its Indian subsidiary said.


"The collaborative portal will also offer expert guidance to developers and remotely solve their queries, empowering them to be efficient as they go from idea to app (application)," the company said in a statement here.


With 1.6 million developers in India, which is its second largest community after the US, the company has designed the portal to offer a rich set of functionality to help them leverage collective computing power.


"As a powerful tool, the portal ( allows our developers in India to connect with their peers the world over. Our experts are also a click away for them," Microsoft Corporation (India) Ltd strategic audience marketing director Pratima Amonkar said in the statement.


The new portal will enable developers to post their app ideas in an area called 'Perspective'.


"Community blogs and social feeds in the 'connect' area allow developers to share stories, seek advice and connect with our experts at Redmond and other offices worldwide," Amonkar said.


As a single point of entry for all developers, the portal enables finding right information from different locations, which may be difficult to access otherwise.


"The developer network will provide opportunity for the community to engage with the company and each other," Amonkar noted.


Microsoft is the only company that allows developers to leverage their skills and reuse code to build apps, the statement said.


The company' flagship product Windows is also the only platform that offers consistency through a common core across device and service to shape the apps ecosystem and providing developers the prospect to maximise their revenues.

[Sources: Times Of India]

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