Top 10 Cloud Computing Services

It is true that many people are still not completely aware of what cloud computing is. In simple words, it involves accessing shared resources over a simple network. The concept has received serious appreciation during the last couple of years and many companies have now come forward with their products that simplify cloud computing for the end user.
Top 10 Cloud Computing Services
Here is a list of top service providers with simplified cloud computing services to make your online establishments even valuable.

1. Amazon:

It is a popular choice for the users mainly because this web service offers resizable computer capacity in the cloud. It can make web-scale computing a breeze for developers. Some of its interesting features include impressive interface that allows for easy configuration, great control of computing services, and so on – it also makes it easier to boot new server.

2. Verizon:

It is one of the best options for those who are interested in the delivery of on-demand functionality. The computing service you get from Verizon is quite flexible – the storage is persistent and you don't have to deal with any issues regarding load balancing and security. It is equally simple to build your own system on blank servers.

3. IBM:

The kind of cloud computing service you receive from IBM is truly impressive. With IBM, you can enjoy several services actually, like you can have architecture for hybrid and private cloud and enjoy other IBM Smart cloud services and solutions. The company has a network of eight data centers to make it easier for you to find infrastructure for your establishment. They also offer SAP applications.

4. Salesforce:

Known as the best cloud computing technology organization in India, the solutions they offer make your business secure, faster, and reliable. They have also acquired the services of Model Metrics, which is known to help companies use different call center and mobile technologies along with different social enterprise solutions. The company is also in the business of offering custom mobile solutions for Android and iPad.

5. CSC:

The Company enjoys a good reputation in offering a variety of cloud computing services. It makes your apps cloud compatible and, at the same time, improves security in cloud processes solutions. You can also use their services with on-demand capabilities to turn your traditional application environment into clouds-based environment.

6. Rackspace:

It's another popular choice, which is known for offering services to quickly scale numerous servers to provide you with easy access to different resources. You will have the benefit of selecting public, private, or hybrid clouds, and, at the same time, you will get the opportunity to determine the types of solutions you want to implement in data centers. Your IT departments will be in a better position to build and test apps in cloud. It also allows you to make use of cloud files for quick and easy online file storage.

7. Google:

It offers a web service that you can use to access relational databases embedded in Google's cloud. With its services, you can easily fix your focus on your specific services and applications. At the same time, you can easily share and create backup for Microsoft PowerPoint, Excel, and Word documents. This highly available cloud is fully managed and offers secure computing environment throughout the world.

8. Blue Lock:

It is an ideal solution for anyone interested in taking advantage of public cloud hosting. It makes it easier to migrate from your traditional datacenter to public, logical or hybrid cloud model. It includes several services - it is available in exactly the same size you need to manage your workload, connects you with virtual datacenters managed by Blue Lock and so on.

9. Microsoft:

It offers an extremely flexible and open cloud platform that simplifies the task of building, deploying and managing a diverse range of applications across a number of datacenters managed by Microsoft. It helps your IT department makes and implements new strategies for better business economics and agility. It comes with unlimited storage and stays on Open Unlimited servers for maximum scalability.

10. Joyent:

It is another powerful cloud platform that allows you to take advantage of smart machines that make running your applications a lot easier and convenient. You will get to use infrastructure for mobile and web applications. You can notice several amazing features in this cloud platform, including resiliency, reliability, observability efficiency and better scalability.

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