15 Java Engineering Projects with Source Code & Documentations | Part 1

Here are the 15 engineering projects on Java found in FaaDoO Engineers site. As these projects are simple and small, you can consider them doing in mini projects.

1. Airline Booking System
  • The theme of this project is that passengers can book the flights online according to their available dates and timings.
  • The reservation dates can be modified, canceled with the dismissal of some amount.
  • Registered passengers can login and check their status.
  • Online payment for the ticket booking is available for various types of payments.
  • Invoice can be generated after registration is successful.

2. Bug Tracking System


3. College Management System
Create different database tables for different data of the college.

How to create tables?
The following are the syntaxes to create tables for different databases of a college.

User Registration table:
create table userregistration(uname varchar(20),pwd varchar(20),repwd varchar(20),address varchar(30),dob date,contact number(15));

Faculty table:
create table faculty(facultyname varchar(30),branch varchar(30),year number(3),semester number(
2),experience number(2),subject varchar(30));
To insert data into the Faculty table,

insert into faculty values('swetha','cse',1,1,3,'c and ds');
insert into faculty values('vidya rani','cse',2,1,3,'computer organisation');
insert into faculty values('murali','cse',2,2,3,'dbms');
insert into faculty values('ramesh chandra','cse',3,1,3,'distributed systems');
insert into faculty values('ravi kumar','cse',3,2,3,'computer graphics');
insert into faculty values('dinakar','cse',4,1,3,'computer networks');
insert into faculty values('ekambaram naidu','cse',4,2,3,'software engineering');
insert into faculty values('murali','ece',1,1,3,'c and ds');
insert into faculty values('bhargavi','ece',1,1,3,'micro processors');
insert into faculty values('bhargav ram','eee',1,1,3,'network theory');
insert into faculty values('sundari','mech',1,1,3,'maths');
Results table:
create table results(hallticketno number primary key,subject varchar(25),internalmarks number(2
),externalmarks number(3));
To insert data in to the results table,
insert into results values(101,'maths',20,70);
insert into results values(102,'stld',18,70);
insert into results values(103,'ldic',17,70);
insert into results values(104,'co',16,70);
insert into results values(105,'java',19,70);
insert into results values(106,'daa',18,70);
insert into results values(107,'mp',17,70);
insert into results values(108,'edc',16,70);
insert into results values(109,'se',20,70);
Subjects table:
create table subject(subname varchar(30),branch varchar(30),year number(3),semester number(2),p
racticals varchar(20));
To insert data into Subjects table,
insert into subject values('maths','cse',1,1,'c lab');
insert into subject values('java','cse',2,1,'oops lab');
insert into subject values('dbms','cse',2,2,'sql lab');
insert into subject values('uml','cse',3,1,'uml lab');
insert into subject values('cn','cse',3,2,'cn lab');
insert into subject values('multi media','cse',4,1,'mmwd lab');
insert into subject values('cn','ece',3,2,'cn lab');
insert into subject values('cn','eee',3,2,'cn lab');

Library table:
create table library(hallticketno number(12),bookid number(5),bookname varchar(25),bookauthor
varchar(30),duedate date);
Inserting data into the Library table,
insert into library values(101,400,'complete reference java','herbert schild',15-mar-2007);
insert into library values(102,401,'c and data structures','balaguruswamy',10-mar-2007);
insert into library values(103,402,'computer organisation','william stallings',5-feb-2007);
insert into library values(104,403,'operating systems','william stallings',1-mar-2007);

Exam table:
create table examination(subject varchar(30),branch varchar(25),year number(2),semester number(
2),examdate date);
Inserting data into Exam table,
insert into examination values('se','cse',4,1,15-mar-2007);

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