Doctor Availability Java Project with Source Code


Presently, our system for a patient to contact a doctor and take an appointment is possible only if patient goes to that particular doctors clinic or hospital. Even the people can’t get the correct information about doctors, their details and different hospitals available in a particular city. The only way to get all these are through directly contacting particular persons personally and it’s a very big problem for a person new to that city. Those who want to have some information in the medical field or wants to get appointment to particular doctor from his own place are not possible.

Hence it’s a very big problem for those who don’t have any idea of the medical field. A person suffering with some problem cannot get correct and immediate prescription or treatment until he meets the right doctor. This may cause or severe problems too. Nowadays in order to get correct information and right treatment for a patient has to go by him wherever needed. This is a lengthy process, which takes a lot of time to design manually, and also costs more and even limited to certain extent. It’s not possible to get all the information or details as well as we can’t satisfy the user through this process.


The new system or website consists of service availability on the Internet. It provides easiest way for all the doctors, patients and others to get all the information needed as quick as possible that too from anywhere in the world. The persons new to particular city can get all the information regarding all the different hospitals, doctors in any hospital data, their available timings data can be accessed in minutes.

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