6 Best Facebook Apps/Extensions for Google Chrome

Browsers have already changed their way of existence by now. They are allowing apps, useful & funny extensions to make the internet usage more handy.

Facebook, the breath of internet users has become more popular with in short span of time. The viral connectivity of facebook not only always keep us updated with worldly matters but also keep us connected to our friends & family.

In this article, I’m going to introduce to you 6 beautiful facebook apps/extensions for google chrome browser those help us connected to our facebook accounts in a click-away time.

#1 Classic Facebook App


This application is just another facebook application on any other smart phone or tablet. By using this one, there is no need to login everytime when wanted to access facebook account. Millions of people all over the world use this app to stay connected with their friends & relatives.

This app can be easily installed on your google chrome browser in one click from here.

#2 Facebook Photo Uploader


This application likely to be meant for photographing freaks. Those who always wanted to share their pictures online would love to use this app. You may install this app to your chrome from here.

#3 Facebook Power Editor


Using this app, you can easily manage your apps & pages at one place. Over 60,000 users are using this app and rated 4 star of 5. You can install this app to your chrome from here.

#4 Facebook Disconnect


This might sound a bit odd from all other apps I’ve mentioned here in this article. Facebook tracks your personal identifiable information through ‘facebook connect’ websites. Yes it is true! when you visit a site that uses facebook connect, Facebook tracks your information on that site. This seems loosing privacy to some people.

To stop facebook from being tracking your activity on web, install this extension on to your chrome browser.

#5 Facebook Photo Zoom


Facebook photo zoom is a light-weight extension for google chrome browser to zoom the photographs that are uploaded in your facebook. Over 2 million chromians are using this extension to view their photographs zoomed on facebook. This 5 star application can be easily installed in one click from here.

#6 Facebook Notification Extension


This facebook extension for chrome doesn’t allow to view and access facebook fully but it notifies the user about messages, likes, comments, status updates and more. This can be installed on chrome browser from here.

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