How to add Command Prompt to the Right Click Menu

When you want to open the command prompt, you go to the 'Run' and type 'cmd' in it actually. It is coming back from currently running processes. It would be handy if we set up a shortcut for it or a right click menu option to open easily. I'm going to guide to for the second option 'adding right click option'.

Adding as a right click menu option

1. Click on Start, then Type Regedit in RUN window, then Press Enter.

2. Click on HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT in Registry Editor Window.

and Now Navigate following Key  HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Drive\Shell

3. To create New Command Prompt Key under Shell key, Right Click on Shell key, then Click on New, then Key.

4. Now Create New Command Prompt key , and also Create New Command key Under Command Prompt as shown above. and Double-Click on Command Key , then Click on the Default on the Right pane .

Type in Value Data cmd.exe /d %1

Then Click on OK , and Close Registry Editor

5. Now Double-Click on the My Computer , and Right Click any Drive , then You will see Command Prompt Option in Right Click Menu.

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