How To Hide Friends List On Facebook

Well! many of Facebook users don’t want others to view their own  friends list because of  some valuable reasons. So what I am posting this article to those who don’t know how to block others from viewing their friends list. Follow my steps given below with screenshots carefully to hide your friends list on Facebook.

Lets start from here

Step 1: Go to your own facebook profile and it looks like below image. Once you reached your profile click on “Friends” tab.

Step 2: After getting into your friends list, click on the icon just looks like a “pencil”.

Step 3: Once by clicking on that icon it pops up a two line options like the image given below and from that two options click on “Edit Privacy”

Step 4: After clicking on “Edit Privacy” button, a new screen will pop up like the image given below.

Step 5: In that menu, right side of  “Friend List” you will notice a small arrow facing downwards, just click on that arrow and it will extend as like below image. From that select “only me” and click on close.

That’s it You are done for why you are here. Hereafter no one can see your friends list on Facebook other than you.

I hope my article helped you for the question raised in your mind.

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  1. Very nice article Nasrullah! Keep it up!!


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