A Project Report On Computerized School Administration


In 1800 s where in Agricultural societies are  dominated by farmers . by 1900 s we had moved into an industrial society dominated by labour and management .by the 1950 s we had moved into a service oriented society where service based occupations offered greatest employment .today we clearly moved and highly skilled individuals ,who use brain power instead of physical effort.


Today our information based society allows human kind to this brain power through computers and communications .in an information society ,value is increased by knowledge as well as in this speed at which that knowledge moves.


Computer based information retrievel system offer more convenient flexible and comprehensive retrivel than manual information storage and retrivel system.


Now –a- days the use of computers have been study the increasing in science and technology .most of the advanced companies of the world have much advance in dis-respect ,but India has just made a start, of especially in industry and business and there is wittenessing stiff oppositions from the employees and there trade unions because of the fear of retrenchment.computers recent consequent in railways , libraries , shops , colleges etc.,

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