How to Reset Windows 7 User Password

Windows 7 allows you to reset a password you have forgotten if you have previously created a password reset disk, which can be a USB flash drive, CD, or floppy disk.

With a password reset disk, anyone can reset a password. Therefore, it is important to store the reset disk in a safe place.


1. Insert a USB flash drive in its socket, or insert a writable CD or a formatted and unused floppy disk into its respective drive. Close the AutoPlay window if it opens.

2. Click Start and click Control Panel. In Category view, click User Accounts And Family Safety, and then in any view click User Accounts. The User Accounts window opens.

3. Click Create A Password Reset Disk in the list of tasks on the left. If needed, type a password and click Yes.

4. The Forgotten Password Wizard starts. Click Next. Click the drive down arrow, and select the drive on which you want to create the password key. Click Next.

5. Type the current user account password, and again click Next. The disk will be created. When this process is done, click Next. Then click Finish. Remove and label the disk, and store it in a safe place.

6. Close the User Accounts window.


If you have forgotten your password and there isn’t another person with administrator permissions on your computer who can reset it, you can use a reset disk you have previously created.

1. Start your computer. When you see the Welcome screen, click your user name. If you have forgotten your password, click the right arrow. You will be told that the user name or password is incorrect.

2. Click OK to return to the password entry, and look at your hint.

3. If the hint isn’t of any help, click Reset Password. The Password Reset Wizard starts.

4. Click Next. Insert your reset disk in its socket or drive. Click the drive down arrow, select the drive the reset disk is in, and again click Next. Type a new password, confirm it, type a password hint, click Next, and click Finish. (You do not have to create a new reset disk with your new password; Windows updates the reset disk for you.) Remove the reset disk.

5. Enter your new password and press ENTER.


You’re done with resetting your user account password in windows 7. Put a password that can be easily remembered and tricky to expect to others but not you!!!

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