How To Get More Clicks On Adfly/Adfoc Links

Follow these three simple steps to get more clicks on your Adfly/Adfoc links

Step 1

This Method Requires you to be registered on many forums. So make sure you are member on atleast  three or four forums. Pick forums with Higher traffic from US, Uk,etc.(tire 1 countries).

Step 2

Find some ebooks, guides, tutorials on money making online , Seo etc. or you can also go with seo tools, free backlinking tools etc. Anything that might be useful to others.

Step 3

Make Threads/Posts on forums regarding the stuff you got in the step 2. Don't Post Adfly links inside your forum posts. Ask Users to Pm you if they are interested in that stuff ( Post here and Pm method ). And Finally, give them your Adfly/Adfoc shrinked urls in the Pms.( private Messaging ) that's it.

You can use this method as many times as you want. The key in this method is the number of forums, higher the number of forums you're on higher will be your clicks on Adfly/Adfoc links, thus higher Adfly/Adfoc earnings.

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