Shopping Mall Management System - JAVA Project with SRS & Report

Project Description:
In this project, we will be designing a simple shopping mall using object oriented technology. The mall will provide a soothing shopping experience for customers, while at the same time allowing us to explore design patterns and other features object oriented technology.
The requirements:
The system will allow more than one shop owner to set up different shops, to sell various products under one roof i.e. mall. The concept, at its very basic, provides for an environment that allows the following:
• Shop Owner:
o Any person wishing to setup shop in the mall can send a proposal to the mall owner.
o The mall owner approves the proposal and confirms the deal.
o Shop owners can then setup and maintain their own shop(s) in the Mall.
• Customers
o Customers when enter the mall have to authenticate themselves on a central server.
o After authentication, the customer is allocated a shopping cart and can enter a particular shop of his/her choice for shopping.
o After entering a shop, customer can brows through the products available in the shop, can select some of them and put into the shopping cart.
o Customer can anytime change the items in the cart either by adding new items or by removing existing items. Customer proceeds towards the payment counter. Finalize product list of items he finally wish to buy and make the final payment.
o He/She then leaves the shop and can either enter another shop or leave the mall.
• The prototype presented allows customers to purchase products from all the shops in the Mall.

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