How To Find Serial Keys or Activations with Google

Serial keys or activations give us a hard time while activating a software application. Though it is not recommended to use any activation patches or serial keys provided by the third party vendors as they might be infected with brutal computer viruses, it is advised to use this process in case you purchased a software and lost the serial key or you wanted a emergency work to be done in no time.

Just follow the process and you will able to find out the serials for that particular software.
How To Find Serial Keys or Activations with Google
  • Go to
  • While searching for the software, add 94FBR after your query term. It would look like this for example, ‘poweriso 94FBR’ without quotes would bring you’re the search results relating to the serial key or activation  search completely.
  • That’s how do it!
I know this trick is a bit older, but just poking your mind once!

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