A Seminar On Ambient Intelligence (AmI) | Download Full Paper and PPT

Ambient intelligence is an emerging discipline that brings intelligence to our everyday environments and makes those environments sensitive to us. Ambient intelligence (AmI) research builds upon advances in sensors and sensor networks, pervasive computing, and artificial intelligence. Because these contributing fields have experienced tremendous growth in the last few years, AmI research has strengthened and expanded. Because AmI research is maturing, the resulting technologies promise to revolutionarize daily human life by making people's surroundings edible and adaptive.
In this paper we provide a survey of the technologies that comprise ambient intelligence and of the applications that are dramatically erected by it. In particular, we specially focus on the research that makes AmI technologies intelligent". Challenges and opportunities that AmI researchers will face in the coming years are highlighted.
Keywords: Ambient Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence, Sensors, Decision Making, Context Awareness, Privacy Reality which is disturbing to many.

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