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How to Transfer Music to Samsung Galaxy S7 from Computer

Samsung took the best features of their Galaxy S5 and S6 and molded them together to come up with the Galaxy S7. When you look at the sleek design of the phone, it reminds you of the S6; in fact, many people say that it should have been called the S6S. However, the changes in the phone necessitated the S7 branding, because they are immense; this is not just a simple upgrade of the S6, but a completely new version.




The Galaxy S7 borrows a lot from the S6 when it comes to the exterior design. It also borrows from the S5 with the addition of a Micro SD slot. The sound system is great and this is good news for people who love to listen to music on their phone. With MobileGo, you can now move your favorite tunes from your PC to the phone, to listen to when you are on the move.

Step by step guide: Import music to Samsung Galaxy S7 from PC with MobileGo

Step 1: Connect your phone to your computer

Using your USB cable, connect your Samsung Galaxy S7 to your PC. You can also scan the QR code on MobileGo to connect your phone to the PC via WiFi.

Step 2: Go to the Music tab

Go to the “Music” tab on the left side of the screen, and click on it; you will be presented with a list of all the music files stored on your phone. At the top of the screen, you will see an “Add” button; click on it and in the dropdown menu, select “Add File”. You can also “Add Folder” if you want to import a full music folder to your Samsung Galaxy S7.

Step 3: Choose the music files or folders to add

A pop-up window will be launched, from where you will select your music files or folders.

Step 4: Wait for the file to be transferred to your Samsung Galaxy S7

Your music file or folder will be added to your phone. You will see the file or folder listed in your default music listing on MobileGo.


It is wonderful to plug your headphones into your Samsung Galaxy S7 and listen to your favorite music when you are travelling or away from your computer. With MobileGo, you can import music files and folders to your phone with just a few clicks of the mouse. The playback on this flagship device is crystal-clear; another of the features that contribute to the success of this phone in the market.

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How to Crop Content on PDF Files & Save as Separate File

Portable Document Format (PDF) files are the most convenient to carry document format. The reason to use PDF files is that one cannot easily modify or manipulate the content on the PDF files like as they do with .doc or .docx files. This article will teach you of how to crop the particular section of the PDF file and save it as a separate file.

Just like we need a tool to view PDF files, we need a tool to edit and modify them. It is not possible to edit documents with the normal Adobe Acrobat Reader as it has limited functionality. You need to purchase Adobe Acrobat Pro to edit PDF document. An Acrobat Pro subscription costs $12/month for standard subscription and $299 for standard full license. For Mac users, it costs $499 for a standard license.

If you are a business owner and an individual, it is quite not affordable to buy the software for a simple purpose.

Affordable Alternatives to Adobe Acrobat Pro

Wondershare PDFelement is the affordable piece of software that I found as an alternative for Adobe high cost PDF software. Wondershare offer this software (Windows) for $69.95 and Mac version for $99.95 with lifetime license and support. You can even download the trail version (Windows | Mac) of this software before purchasing.

Trial version of Wondershare PDFelement will only exhibit limited features and lays an watermark on the saved documents. If you want a serious PDF editor, better buy it (Windows | Mac) one time and use it forever.

Cropping content on PDF files with PDFelement software

After installing the software on your computer, run the program.

Go to File > Open > Select a PDF file and open it into the Wondershare PDFelement program.

Not go to Pages > Crop.

Then select the area on the PDF page that you wanted to crop and hit Enter.

A ‘Crop Settings’ window will popup where you can adjust the Crop Margins and Page Range. After setting these options, hit on ‘Crop’ button.

Now the selected page(s) will be cropped and shown as shown below.

Right-click on the cropped page and select ‘Print’ option. Choose the PDF printer and print it to PDF.


That’s it. That’s how you can crop content on PDF files and save as separate file.


Watch the video tutorial demonstrating how to crop PDF files and save as separate file:


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How to Monitor Sexting with the Help of a Software?

According to Google “Sexting” is a term that usually refers to “sending (someone) sexually explicit photographs or messages via cell phone.” Sexting is something that has not always been there. It is one of the many gifts of technology that we have to put up with no matter what. The fact that tons of people are sexting today in order to keep their sexual lives interesting is not as horrifying as the idea that hackers are actually putting quite some work and effort into getting hold of such pictures illegally.
Remember the iCloud scandal? Where the iCloud was hacked and pictures of countless celebrities like Jennifer Lawrence, Victoria Justice, Ariana Grande, etc. were leaked onto the internet. Sounds like the worst thing to happen ever, doesn’t it?
Ever since its rise in popularity, more and more people are turning towards it. Not because they actually have a reason to send a sext, but because it is the “IT” thing now and they are the trend chasers. According to a recent study, there are three major types of sexting, which are:

Type 1: People in a Relationship

This class of people refer to exchange steamy message with the people they are in a relationship with. These messages may include anything at all – a picture, a video, a sound clipping, a text, etc. Such a sexting relationship exists between a husband and a wife, or a long distance (or otherwise) girlfriend and boyfriend, etc.

Type 2: Cheaters

This group basically comprises of individuals who are in relationship with other people but at the same time they like to sext with others who are not their partners. People who are bored of their monotonous lives tend to follow this path, with most of them just looking for a steamy short-lived affair that could add some spice to their lives, without the knowledge of their current partners.

Type 3: The Hopefuls

This group includes that class of people who are looking to be in a relationship and have someone in their sights they’d like to be their other halves. Therefore, they exchange such raunchy material in order to attract the other person.
We have already mentioned how chasers “sext” trend just because it is the new thing to do. Such sexters usually include children. Children i.e., teens who are not yet of legal age and who can be legally tested by law as adults if they are found in possession of such explicit material for possession and distribution of child pornography, even if the picture is their own. Therefore, not only those partners whose other halves are cheating on them but concerned parents need to invest into spy applications to ensure their own protection and the protection of their loved ones.

Why Use Spy Applications?

The name spy app sounds notorious to people with delicate sensibilities but it is the only solution to keep a close and keen eye on your children and partner because of its various features, a few of which are:

Stealth Mode

Since spy applications mostly work on stealth mode, this way you can monitor your child or your spouse easily without their knowledge. Additionally, with remote access you do not even have to access the target device physically. All you have to do is login to your account and access all their activities in real time.

Text Message Monitoring

Monitoring messages is always in your favor because this is where teens and potentially cheating partners conduct most of their communications. It is also the primary source of sending and receiving sexts.
Additionally, monitoring texts with cell phone spy can also let you know:
  • Who your child or partner is sexting?
  • Who is Sexting them?
  • What is the time frame of sexts being sent and received?
  • What is their frequency?

Email Monitoring

Another way your teen or your partner might be sexting somebody is through email. It is another discreet form of messaging that gives you information about the person sexting and vice versa as well as the timeframe of the sexts.

Access Browsing History

If your other half is visiting websites like Tinder, J-date or, or your child is visiting inappropriate websites, then their browser search history may present the evidence to it all. Therefore, keeping a close eye on it will always be in your best favor.

The Bottom Line

Technology is indeed taking over the world, but the intention behind its creation was pure. No matter how off the tracks it uses have gone in the recent years, only technology can help combat it. Therefore, use of spy apps to keep sexting at bay is not only good for you and your family from a legal point of view, but from a moral and psychological point of view as well.

Author Bio:

Brooke fill in as tech and digital parenting expert. She is managing technical content at TheOneSpy cell phone spy software to track location, listen live phone calls, and monitor social instant messaging logs. Follow her on twitter @brookechloe78

*This is a guest post. The opinions and views expressed in it need not to be those of the this website owners or other authors.
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How to Install Xamarin to Microsoft Visual Studio

The announcement of third-party mobile application development platform, Xamarin as open source is buzzing around the .NET developer forums and discussion boards now.

This mobile application development platform can be used integrating with the Visual Studio IDE of Microsoft for free now. There won’t be any trial period to expire or it won’t ask for commercial license to continue in any future. All you would need to have is the latest version of genuine licensed Visual Studio IDE software installed on your computer.

Installation of Xamarin will be executed in three phases. They are,

1. Installation of Java JDK
2. Installation of Android SDK
3. Installation of Xamarin libraries

1. Installation of Java JDK

In this phase the Xamarin installer will download and install the latest version of the Java JDK which is needed for the Android app development.

Java is platform independent and it will be installed with out any intermediator interpreters on Windows.

2. Installation of Android SDK

Installation of Android SDK is the 2nd phase of installing Xamarin to Visual Studio. Android development is all managed by this Android SDK from Google. To develop the android apps with Java, you would need to download and install complete android studio but as we are aiming to develop the android apps using .NET technologies like C# and F#, we only need the core layer, the Android SDK.


This android SDK will integrate into the Visual Studio allowing us to develop right from the VS IDE itself. This is another reason why Android SDK don’t need another IDE (android studio) for developer interface coding.

3. Installation of Xamarin libraries

Xamarin acts as intermediator interpreter for .NET technologies C#/F# and Java. The coding conventions of .NET will be translated into Java native coding using the Xamarin libraries. This is the third and last phase of installing Xamarin to Visual Studio IDE.

Let the Xamarin installer install the libraries needed for the integration with Visual Studio.

After installation, open Visual Studio > File > New Project. You would find the Android and iOS project options to continue. Go to Xamarin University and learn how to program with Xamarin on Visual Studio with .NET technologies.

That’s it! Enjoy Android and iOS app development from Visual Studio.
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Disable Automatic Updates on Windows 10 & Save Bandwidth

Windows 10 is claimed to be the best operating system ever developed by Microsoft. Unfortunately, it bagged haters more than the fans with forcible restrictions like incompatibilities with the old hardware (even of 2 years old) and no control over the options like operating system updates.

Hardware incompatibilities might be because of the advanced technologies that are used to build this operating system but the customization is what people carve for when it comes to the software. Microsoft is known to be signing up deals with the computer manufacturers to make the future computers compatible with only the Windows 10 but not down-versioned operating systems if Microsoft.

One of the uncontrollable options that Microsoft Windows 10 has is the control over the automatic updates. Windows users are wondering why this option is not made user controllable.

There are two obvious reasons why Microsoft would have made the automatic updates essential. One is that they might have afraid of losing their subscriptions if automatic updates are allowed to be disabled. The second reason relates to the security of the operating system.

Are automatic updates bad?

Any update the a digital device gets from the vendor is not bad at all. It might have bugs but the motive of that update would be to improve the user experience and enhance the security.

The automatic updates will keep your system patched with missing functionalities, security updates and improve user experience. In fact, it is always better to keep the updates to download and get installed automatically.

Then why disable automatic updates?

The top 3 reasons that I found in my experience to disable the automatic updates are,
  1. Frequency of updates
  2. Updating while working
  3. Consumes all bandwidth
1. Frequency of updates – It would be great to get updates weekly or monthly. But, Microsoft sends updates to Windows 10 daily (including Windows Defender virus definitions). The update frequency of Windows XP. 7 or 8 and 8.1 were not used to happen this often.

2. Updating while working – Updates are supposed to get downloaded and installed while the system is left idle. It would be distracting and interrupting to get updates while working. The whole computer might lag or or the piece of software that we are working on might not respond properly. It would sometimes leads is to restart the computer which might cost the loss of unsaved work done.

3. Consumes all bandwidth – It is the major problem an average windows 10 operating system user would face with updates. It consumes all the bandwidth to download the updates always and halts the programs to install them sometimes.

Countries like India are ranked last in internet speed in a recent survey. According to the survey report generated by Akamai Technologies Inc., the average speed of the internet in India is just 2.8Mbps. If it comes from a ISP like BSNL, the speed would be the 10% of the promised. That means, if they promise you 4Mbps, you would get 400Kbps only.

In that sense, how good is to get updates while working on the internet? It would not only slow down the process of loading websites, but also wastes a lot of time.

How to disable automatic updates on Windows 10?

Disabling automatic updates on Windows 10 is a bit tricky. You won’t be finding the option straight on the update console. Take a look at the screenshot below if you want.


But, still you can access the controls to enable or disable the automatic updates from ‘Local Group Policy Editor’.

Go to Windows Search, type Edit Group Policy and then navigate to the following path.

Administrative Templates > Windows Components > Windows Update and double click on ‘Configure Automatic Updates’.


Set the option ‘Enabled’ to ‘Disabled’ and click ‘Apply’, then ‘Ok’. Restart the system once and you are now relieved of automatic bandwidth eating updates on your Windows 10 computer.

Get Windows updates manually

If you want to get the updates manually, open ‘Configure Automatic Updates’ and select ‘Enabled’ from the configuration options and select ‘Notify for download and notify to install’ option from ‘Configure automatic updating’ settings.


Watch the following video for the live instructions:

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How to Remove Your Phone Number from True Caller Database?

Being identified is not good every time. When it is on True Caller, it is more frustrating. True Caller, having the major database of phone number identities serves better at sometimes and stealing privacy at most of them.

Its purpose, to find the details of unknown number owner is fulfilled when it comes to cyber threat and related cyber cases. When it comes to privacy, it scores almost zero. Let me tell you some story lines that will make you understand why True Caller is a total loss of privacy - Mr. Somebody who is a popular guy in his town who is often getting unknown calls from both the love and hatred. He bared this non-sense for a month and he thought can’t take it any more. So he decided to change his most liked and chosen number 9988776655. He was happy after changing his number and two months passed. He got some new contacts along with the new ones this time. The unknown phone calls increased and finally made him quit using a mobile phone.

The solution for such a problem is not the quitting using mobile phones, but quit being listed in True Caller database. True Caller allows to find people by name or phone number. This feature not only annoys famous one, but also individuals who wants to hide their phone number details. What if it happens in case of a girl? what if someone could easily get her number and start teasing?

true caller phone numer removal

As the number of True Caller app users are increasing day by day, protecting our numbers from being recorded into their databases is impossible. So it is better to remove it ourselves. True Caller officially allows users to request for the removal of their numbers from their database. Let’s see how to.

Requesting a removal

To request a phone number removal,

Step 1: Open the link in another tab.

Step 2: Enter your phone number that you wanted to be removed and enter the capcha code and click ‘Unlist’ button.

Step 3: That’s it you’re done! Just wait for another 24 hours from now on and check it in True Caller search after that.

If anyone searches for your number, they would get ‘0’ results displayed. Isn’t it simple?

Note: On the good side, Truecaller is a very good app that helps us know who is calling. We actually don't pick up everycall everytime due to some busy-ness but, some calls are yet to be answered anytime. Hope that explains everything on teh positive side of it.

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How To Change Album/Cover Art In VLC Player

VLC player is powerful and easy-to-use software to play media. This software maintains a metadata associated with the media your are playing. One of such metadata feature is that showing album art of the media clips you are playing. Sometimes, VLC player can't find the album art or shows the incorrect image that is totally interrelated to the playing media.

Here is way to change the VLC album arts. Just follow the instructions,

1. Open 'VLC player.'

2. Click on 'Media' and choose 'Open File' option from the menu. Browse and open the media clip you want to change the album art for.

3. Right-click the media that is playing in the VLC window and select 'Download Cover Art' from the context menu. The correct cover art will be downloaded into the media clip's metadata.

Sometimes it might not change because of the VLC's cacheed data. Clearing it would solve the problem and will take the correct album art there by reducing the efforts to update it to all the media.

To clear the VLC cache, go to Media > Recent Media menu and click 'Clear' to delete the cache.

Remember: Clearing the cache will also clear your recent played lists. So, better do it in full consciousness.

See you next time!
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How To Recover Data From a Crashed Hard Drive

In addition to 'daily backup', I prefer to do a 'weekly backup' every weekend. You should use one directory on your portable computer for "long-term backup". Particularly if you often download a software and don't have any physical representative of it.

Re-arrange the directory structure on your desktop computer , creating one primary root directory, with a sub- directory for every application you use to work with. The subdirectories under the root "Own" are only to take the data files associated with Winword, Eudora or any other programs that create output.

Whenever you create or modify a file (whatever the file type), be sure to write/update the current date in a comment line near the top.

Finally, let's not forget that, especially in computing there is hardly anything bad that wouldn't have any positive side effect. Over time a lot of the "scrap" will assemble on your hard drive. Nowadays that's not much of a problem, just some wasted storage space. But remember the performance is diminished when the operating system has to struggle with a lot of complicated entanglements.

Follow These Steps To Recover Your Hard Drive

1. First, turn off the computer. If the computer continues to restart after the Windows logo appears without giving a chance to access the desktop and a blue screen flashes for a split second, it is most likely a registry problem, virus or hard drive fail.

2. The impending loss of important documents and files is a sickening feeling, but there is a way to recover them before reformatting the computer. For an affordable price, external hard drive cases can be bought at any retail outlet specializing in computers. After the case is purchased, carefully remove the hard drive from the computer by detaching the connected wires, plug the hard drive into the case and it will act as an external USB drive.

3. Once this is completed, attach it to another computer and hopefully it will show up as another drive. If this works, simply drag and drop the important files onto the computer and back them up onto a USB stick or DVD disc. If this doesn't work, the hard drive has either failed or it's not connected properly.

4. Now that the files are safe, it is time to reboot the computer. Ideally, when a computer is purchased, the user will make a back up disc of the operating system in case of a meltdown. If you don’t have the disc, contact the company that makes the computer and perhaps they will supply one.

Bonus Tip: It is better to keep a cloud backup of your important files. Cloud space providers like Google is giving 15GB of free space on the drive which can be expanded on extra credit. Even if the hard drive crashes completely irrecoverable, the cloud backup helps you restore the file back on to the new hard drive or computer.
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How To Cook With Your Smartphone(s) (No Apps or Guides)

The mobile phone technologies in the world are advancing to future levels before the whole world could grab and adhere them into their lives. When a technology meets the world, it will be used for multi-other-purposes than it is meant for. We have such scenes playing live in real life around the places in our country too. This blog post is such a funny creative focusing on how smartphones can be used for cooking.


I have replaced the cooking arsenal in this post with the smartphones according to their hardware configurations and special features. This is a pure #technocrats post and I don’t know even know how to cook two grains of rice. Worry not! Let’s make a tech-kitchen experiment. Grab a cup of coffee and enjoy this tech-cook post.




Cutting the veggies and meat

Before we could put something on the stove, we should prepare our ingredients readily cut down and shoved into pieces. I’d recommend you to take Micromax Sliver 5, the thinnest Android smartphone to cut down the veggies and meat.


Also, there is an alternative to Micromax Sliver 5, i.e., Gionee Elife 5.1 with the same thickness at its edges. You can’t have a single knife for everything in your kitchen. So, Elife 5.1 should go in the cutlery as well.


Warning: Be careful! Do it under parent’s supervision. Because Micromax Sliver 5 and Gionee Elife 5.1 are the thinnest smartphones ever made and may cause thin cuts if wrongly handled.


Preparing the fire or stove or oven

The days when people won’t be bothering about pollution due to petroleum products are no far. We have smartphones those can heat up to match the sun. Smartphones that come with Snapdragon 615 octa core processor are heating up like never before. They are crossing the 50 degrees of temperature on heavy gaming and camera usage.


Phones like Mi4i, Moto X Play, Yu Yureka perform to their best to give a seamless user experience. For high temperature cooking, better prefer Mi4i; for low temperatures, better to go with Micromax Yu Yureka and for moderate heating up, Moto X play is the good choice. Don’t forget to bring up the heat with heavy multi-tasking and 3D gaming. Because, these smartphones will never compromise in multi-tasking and gaming right in our budget.


Warning: Sadly, some vendors have fixed the issues up that were caused due to software incompatibility or bugs. Do not upgrade the system software of these phones or else you will lose their heating capability.


Mixing up the ingredients

Meanwhile, we should mix-up the ingredients in right proportions. For that, you need smartphone utensils with slight bending to fit perfectly in your hand. Without any thought, you can pick up LG Flex and Flex 2 to do the process. This smartphone has brought evolutionary ergonomics to the large screen smartphones to fit right in hand. The concave bent screen gives the experience of watching a curved OLED TV.


You can even pick up iPhone 6 Plus or Nexus 6P for custom bending ability. The aluminum metal used for these phones makes the phones lighter though they are bigger. You can bend them up as you want and shovel the mixture well.


Warning: Apple has fixed the bending issues with iPhone 6S Plus. So, always chose iPhone 6 Plus or Nexus 6P only for custom bending ability.


Wait for the signal

It takes time for any recipe to get prepared. Are you going to watch the fumes going to the skies for the whole time or what? You can’t miss the live cricket match or your favorite daily serial on TV. Use a tripod and set a Samsung J5/J7 4G phone with Airtel 4G SIM to it and place it right above the container on stove. Make sure it is clearly visible via HD video call (don’t worry! You will get double data from Airtel connected via Samsung J5 or J7). Now go to your heavenly sofa in front of TV and enjoy the show placing the video call in progress.

That’s how you can make your kitchen a tech-kitchen  and cook with your smartphone(s).


I bet you are looking at your smartphone right now and imagining. Don’t let it go! Share it in comments below and let the other tech-cooks learn.

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How to Convert Video Into JPG Images

Converting one video into another format video is common but, converting video into images is exceptional. Any video is a series of frames set consecutively to run with time causing the animation for our eyes. The more number of frames rolled per second, the smooth and realistic the video plays.


We have a free software program developed by DVDVideoSoft to split the video by frame rate and convert those frames into JPG image format. I’ve already made a video on this long back that you would want to check out:



[*] Many of the viewers of this video have complained about the adware that may get installed while installing this freeware. I advice you to be conscious while clicking the ‘Next’ buttons during the installation. Be wise and opt-out the adware that you don’t wanted along with this software.


It is obvious to get adware along with some software, particularly with freeware. We can control it in the installation phase itself by opting them out. I’ve only tried to focus on the functionality of the software in this tutorial. This is for your kind notice!


Download and install DVDVideoSoft Free Studio Manager or Free Video to JPG Converter alone.


To run the software,


You will find the ‘Video to JPG Converter’ program under ‘Convert’ tab in Free Studio Manager




Directly run the software with a name ‘Video to JPG Converter’ if you have downloaded it separately.


Step 1: Click on ‘Add files’ button to add the video files in to the software.




Step 2: Select the frame rate to extract images from the video. To get the most of the video, select ‘Every frame’ from the options.


Step 3: Select the output folder where you wanted the pictures to be saved. The default location would be ‘Pictures’ folder in your local documents.


Note: Each video will be extracted into a folder with the same name of itself. For example, if a video named ‘myvideo’ is being extracted, it will go to the folder named ‘myvideo’ in the selected output directory.


Step 4: Push the ‘Convert’ button and let the video be converted into images as per the pre-set frame rate.




Once the conversion is completed, open the output folder for images. That’s it!


Please like and share this article if you like it. You can comment below if you have any issues using this piece of software.

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How to Make Windows 10 (32-bit & 64-bit) ISO File

The new version of Microsoft's operating system, Windows 10 is here. But no one is aware of how to grab a standalone ISO file other than on-air upgrade. Because internet speed is still a luxury to many people in the world. Also, downloading standalone ISO will help in re-installing Windows 10 again without downloading it in future.

Here is the step-by-step guide (with screenshots) to make an ISO file of Windows 10 (both 32-bit and 64-bit) of desired edition.

Making the ISO file

Step 1: Download the right Media Creation Tool for your PC and install it on your computer.

Step 2: Run the tool with administrator rights (not needed but, for better results). Select ‘Create installation media for another PC’ option and click ‘Next’.

Step 3: Here, you will be asked to choose the language, architecture and edition of Windows 10 that you wanted to make an ISO file of.

Select the language, edition and architecture of your choice and click ‘Next’.

download-windows10-iso-step3-1 download-windows10-iso-step3-2

Step 4: In this step, you will be asked to chose the media type.

Choose ISO file option and click ‘Next’.

Step 5: Set the save location for the ISO file and let the download finish.

download-windows10-iso-step5 downloading-windows10-iso-file-step5
Clean installing Windows 10 directly from an ISO file can cause activation problems. Check for a solution from my previous post.
That’s it! Hope that made it simple!
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How to Make Money with Infolinks on Your Blog

Infolinks has been the one of the best contextual advertising programs and is the next best option for both newbie and experienced bloggers. Technically, Infolinks provides the better opportunities to make money compared to that of Google AdSense. This is being realized slowly by the bloggers these days. The reasons to say so are,


Infolinks gives quick approval – Infolinks, unlike Google AdSense won’t take much time for approval.When you apply for an account, the team will hardly take 48 hours to get back to you with the status. But Google AdSense takes a week or more to send you any status.


Infolinks need no ad space – Unlike other contextual advertising programs, Infolinks need no ad space on the website layout. It comforts the website designers and causes no worry about adjusting the design to blend the ads in.


Different kind of  advertisements – Displaying ad spaces in different sizes and different places can’t help all the times. That is the reason why only a few people could make good money from other advertising network programs.


Infolinks provides flexible options to display ads of different categories on the website. The type of ads they provide are easy to configure and install.


(You should notice that I haven’t used the word ‘create’ here)


Yes, you don’t have to create ads on Infolinks. All you need to do is choose the particular ad type that you want to display on the site and configure it according to your blog styles (link and font). The piece of code that you install on your site at the time of activating the account will take care of it.


Cross network compatibility –Infolinks is compatible with other advertising networks as well. It can be used along with most of the other advertising networks like Google AdSense.


If applying and configuring is that easy, why should you miss the opportunity?  Sit back tight, I’ll take you on a tour that shows how to make money from Infolinks on you blog.


Applying for Infolinks

Applying for Infolinks is an easy process. It won’t ask much form information initially. To apply for an publisher account, go to and enter your basic details to get started. This includes the first name, email address, and the website/blog URL.


That’s it! You’ve now successfully applied for an Infolinks account to monetize your blog/website. Now wait for 24-48 hours for the response from the Infolinks team. Meanwhile, they would review your website and check if it is eligible for displaying their ads. This is how the advertisers actually get quality websites to show their advertisements through Infolinks.


Note for reader: Bookmark this page and come back after you get the approval.


Activating the website

It is easy to activate your website after approval. You should activate your website to start earning from it. You would get several flexible options to get your website activated. Infolinks provides native activation methods for WordPress, Blogger, Drupal and Joomla platforms through direct plugin installations. If you are not a techie and don’t know how to edit and save code on your blog/website, better go with this readymade option.




There is another method to activate your website i.e., through installing the code directly on the website and saving it. Go for this option if you are a techie and have knowledge about the code on your website. Choosing this option will help you have an idea of where you have placed the code and that is useful when you are optimizing  or tweaking your website.




You can activate your website through the “Integrate” option on the dashboard later.




Type of ads

Infolinks allows publishers to show different kind of ads based on the interest of the user. They always recommend to have all kind of ads activated on your website to get the best of revenue.


But generally, it is not recommended to sink your website with only ads as the visitors who come would expect to access quality information only. Advertisements should not be distracting the visitors from accessing the website.


Make sure you don’t over flood your website with ads than the content.


There are five type of ads Infolinks displays on a website. Let’s see which type of ads suit best for your website that can help you earn the best your website deserves.


In text ads

Infolinks script automatically finds out the best keywords and displays hyperlinked ads on them.



You can set the no. of links to be displayed on a page, color of the links, type of styling (dotted or double dotted) and color of the ad unit that pops up when hovered on the link on the dashboard itself. When done, tick the option ‘ Turn on InText ads for’ option and click ‘Save’ button.





  • Do not display more than 4-5 in text ads on the page. Having too much links on the page will disturb the visitor and may increase bounce rate.
  • Choose the same link color that matches your website’s links color.

In fold ads

In fold ads option pops up a window with ads from the bottom of the screen. You can only customize the color of the window as it won’t need much customization to blend in. This type of ads minimize on to the bottom of the screen and maximize according to the scrolling behavior.


If yours is a site with large articles and much scroll-down-to-access information, then this type ads would surely bring you good revenues.



  • Choose this type of ads for long article based or scrollable websites.
  • Blend the color of the popup with the colors on the site. 

In tag ads

The ‘In tag’ type of ads display ads in the form of tags under the article, based on the keywords from the page. These ads will not disturb the rest of the content.



  • Turn on this ads if you don’t want your visitors get away without reading the information on the page completely.

In frame ads

In frame ads cover up the empty spaces that appear on either sides of the website’s layout. These ads also will not touch the content at all.



  • Turn on this ads if your website has a narrow layout.
  • In frame ads can overlay the layout of the website if it has the full screen responsive template.

In screen ads

In screen ads display advertisements in a light box pop up before leaving the page. For example, if the visitor click on a link  and that takes him to another page, then the ‘in screen ads’ will display. They will not appear while scrolling through the information on the page.



If you have a download website or website that encourages visitors to navigate through the webpages much, then this type of ads will be very useful in making the best revenues.


Report generating

Infolinks provides easy report generating methods to access the earnings information on the dashboard. You can choose to get these reports to your email directly and periodically. You can choose to receive reports on daily, weekly and monthly basis. The email reporting can be toggled on /off with just one click.




You can view your reports right on the dashboard by choosing the date ranges.




Payment settings

Infolinks allows publishers to receive payments through different services. They include eCheck/Local Bank Transfer, Wire Transfer, Payoneer prepaid debit card and PayPal. One must need to reach $100 threshold to receive the payment through wire transfer and $50 threshold to receive the payments through other payment options.


To set your payment method, go to Account > Payment Settings and enter the full details.




Once done, the above screen will show up. You can now go back and manage your dashboard.


Add websites

If you want to show up Infolinks ads on the other websites also, you no need to apply for them separately again. Just go to Account > My Websites > Add Website and enter the details like website URL, category, language and your message for the Infolinks team.


Referral earnings

Infolinks allows you to earn by referring yours friends to join. Every publisher will get a referral link with an unique ID in it. You can just send it to your friends or you can use the banners to display on your sites.




The banners are available in every common sizes 300x250, 728x90, 160x600 and 350x50. You can choose one of the best sizes and place it on your website.


Quick support and blog

The team of Infolinks is always active in taking concerns of the publishers and advertisers. They respond with-in 24 hours and 48 hours at max. They have a blog that contains the information like trends which is helpful in keyword research for any  publisher.


Infolinks have well established history and is well known to every blogger at an average today. One can make bold figures of income with them through proper keyword optimization and ad type selection.


When are you joining? What do you think about making money with Infolinks on your blog? Share your thoughts in comments section.

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How to Save Battery Life of Android Phones

This is an era of smart phones with stupid batteries. No matter how much our battery capacity is, we always find it less to satisfy our non-stop needs. Power bank do come handy. But they also make your phone’s battery weak (in the long run). In this post I will talk about some very easy-peasy ways to save your battery life.


How to Save Battery life of Android Phones

1. Black Wallpaper



I love the color black. Black wallpaper is what I have always used. Little did I know that I have silently adding to my battery life. Now I make it a point to use black wallpaper and advice my friends to do the same.


2. Use dark themes



Sometime back I really developed a thing for trying out new themes. Now I understand why the battery consumption increased drastically. Now I have settled for a decent dark theme to save my Android’s battery life.


3. Say no to Auto-Brightness



Auto-brightness is cool. Especially, when you have outdoor plans for the day. You may just increase the screen brightness just before stepping out. You can also reduce the screen brightness when you are in a well lit room. I often find the auto-brightness slightly brighter than it should be. If you don’t believe me, compare yourself.


4. Shorter screen timeout



I have kept the minimum screen timeout so that the screen gets locked within a couple of seconds. This was definitely not a battery saving strategy. But it was more of a privacy strategy so that the people around could not read my messages. Now that I know my battery life gets extended with this step, I practice it religiously.


5. Keep your phone cool

I read somewhere that heated smartphones puts an extra load on the batteries. Let’s be honest. Many phones have heating issues. Since you can’t change things internally you can keep a lookout on the external factors. For instance when you are out in the sun, keep the phone in your pocket or bag. You may also keep the phone away from the laptop’s fan or any heated up material or devices as such.


6. Use original batteries/chargers

I have often seen people using local brands for replacing batteries/chargers. Do you know you are doing more harm to the phone by sparing a couple of bucks? So next time when your battery/charger is dead, go for a genuine one. I am sure your battery life will be enhanced with this little step of yours.


7. Sleep Mode ON



You don’t use your mobile when you sleep. Do you? So why not put into the sleep mode? You can make a list of important number and put them in the exception list when the Sleep Mode is active. Also there are times at office or college when you know you won’t get a chance to glance at your mobile, why not activate the Sleep Mode and keep the battery percentage intact.


8. Turn off features

These are smart features that we are talking about that makes your phone smart. For instance the Smart Stay option in Samsung. It’s needless to say these features (and some more similar features) need not be kept ON and you can add to your battery life.


9. Switch off 4G



4G is the new thing is town. Smartphone and telecoms are trying to woo customer to opt for their services with 4G. But did you know switching on 4G on your smart phone is so much battery consuming. What you can do is switch off 4G and use 2G, and swap when you want to enjoy net services on your Android.


10. Switch off connectivity features

The usual connectivity features in our phones are GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, NFC consume a LOT of battery. Among all this, GPS tops the list of battery consumption. Turn all of them off when you don’t need and add to your battery life.


11. Update your apps



Often we get update for the apps on our Android. But do we do it? Not always. Not always the app updates are useless. Sometimes, the update paves the way to a better battery life. Update your apps to enjoy such benefits from the app developer’s.


12. Use battery saving mode of your phone



Most phones come with battery saver’s. Use it as it prevents the battery from draining away. In case you don’t have battery saving mode, install any battery saving app and the app will do the needful for your Android.


13. Update and sync at your own will

Auto-update and auto-sync is surely a blessing as it continuously updates with the Google server and all your important data is just a log in away. But having auto-update or auto-sync running in the background all day long is one of the ways your battery loses its juice. Rather what you can do is manually update and sync once a day.

That would be all from us on ‘How to save your battery life’. Do you have any more method up your sleeves, let us know in the comments below. Thanks for reading.
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Upgrade Old Windows OS to Windows 10 Manually | Step-by-Step Guide for Novices

Microsoft has announced the operating system of the next decade as promised, on July 29th 2015. This version of the operating system is going to be the final version of the operating system from Microsoft for the next 10 years. As a part of the promise, the tech giant have made it possible for everyone to upgrade their PCs to Windows 10 for free.

If your computer satisfies the system requirements, suggested by the Microsoft, you can chose to install the new Windows on your computer by following either of the following installation methods.

Before Upgrading Notes:

  • Your files and apps will not be erased if upgraded. Although, it gives an option to wipe out the files and apps during the installation. So, be conscious through out the process and don’t mis-click to proceed.
  • It is however suggested to take a backup of your files on the desktop, documents, pictures, music and video folders.
  • The following demonstration of upgrading is performed on Windows 8.1 version of the Windows. GUIs may look different for different older operating systems.

Method 1:

To avail the free upgrade, you must have to reserve your copy of Windows 10 through the Get Windows 10 app. This app will do the downloading of suitable Windows 10 version for your computer and will notify you when it is ready to install. As this happens in the background, you will have no idea of what’s happening behind the curtain.

Method 2:

There is another method to install Windows 10 on your PC. It is through the media creation tool.

Step 1: Download the right version (32-bit or 64-bit) of windows 10 media creation tool on to your PC and run it with administrator rights (Right-click > Run as Administrator).

Then, it will start checking the compatibility of your PC and suggests a version of Windows 10 to download.


Step 2: After downloading, the media creation tool will check for necessary updates for your PC. Later, it will asks you to confirm the installation of the media creation tool. Click ‘Confirm’ to proceed to the installation process.

Step 3: After finalizing all the updates, the wizard shows up the ‘install’ button. Click to start the real upgrading process now.

Step 4: After a couple of restarts, it beings up the following upgrading screen.

upgrading windowsupgrading windows

The upgrading process will be done in three stages.
  • Copies the downloaded files to the installation directories
  • Installs new Windows features and programs
  • Finalizes the installation
The status of the whole process will be shown in the percentage format in a Halo like status ring. Let the ring fill blue until 100%.

Step 5: This phase of upgrading needs a couple of confirmation clicks to start up. Once it is done, a new desktop will be shown up with a new look and feel. Go through the new Windows 10 and enjoy the free upgrade.

You will love the whole tour of upgrading your computer to Windows 10 as much as you would love the changes that the Microsoft has brought to their new operating system.

Don’t forget to visit back this page and cheer your ‘hurray’ in comments below. Hope to see you soon.
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How To Check If Someone Is Hiding On Facebook

Everyone these days wants to be a spy. Not actually in ‘real’ life with a neat suit, hand gun and 007 background tracks playing behind the scenes, but in virtual world. Spying or stalking someone has become a hobby since people found Facebook helping them so.


During the times of Orkut, people used to fear of stalking/spying on someone. Because, the profile page used to show the recent visitors beside. This somehow contributed to the fall of Orkut and rise of Facebook.




Note: This tutorial is to help you know about the features of Facebook through which we can track(follow) someone’s online activity. We have no intention of braking someone’s privacy by any illegal means.


#1 Follow their activity

Every common individual likes to be followed by people on social media. If you are friends with your stalkee already, it is easy to track their activity. Even though the availability status is kept offline, you will still receive their activity of likes, shares and comments rolling down your news feed.


Even if you are not actually connected to each other, you can still track their activity by ‘following’ them. But this ‘follow’ option has to be enabled on their profile.


#2 Follow their close friends

Social networking is all about connecting people. It connects us to people that we know and we don’t know. The person that you are trying to spy on and you might have got some common friends in between. Adding them to your ‘close friends’ list will notify you when they are mentioned by your target person in any update.


This is somehow can be called a real stealth mode. It is hard to say that someone is stalking someone’s profile.


#3 Message ‘seen’ status

If you can see them being online, ping them with a message. If it shows ‘seen’ status, it means that they are online but are (willingly) not responding. Facebook might show just-gone-offline members too in the online list. You should be carefully watching the difference while pinging them.


#4 Follow the trends

This might sound non-catchy for your thoughts. If there is anything trending on Facebook which is one of your stalkee’s interests, follow it to some scroll downs. As you cannot get everything on newsfeed, you might miss their activity in the track of frequent updates. Following the trends of their interest would help you catch him soon in an update.


As we know that the trending updates include updates from our friends, pages and followees too.


#5 Toggle between recent and most popular updates

Facebook newsfeed can be sorted in two ways, ‘recent’ and ‘most popular’. Some updates might not even be noticed by the people and so they will go down to hell in the short course of time where as, some updates get a lot of activity on them and will be frequently shown in the newsfeed.


<<Highly Recommended>> Don't let the unknown people stalk your Facebook profile


The message

All the above features mentioned depicts the flexibility of Facebook and its features. However, it always possible to protect and hide you profile from unknown and annoying people.

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