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Avoid Content Theft on Your Website by Using Simple CSS3

If writing the content is one side of the coin, protecting it from being copied lies right on the other side of it. Copying content would actually involve in selecting the text on the webpage. This can be blinded by using CSS3 to the content copier which annoys him while doing the theft.

Note: Content on the website can be copied in many advanced ways. Selecting the text with the mouse and copying content is the most traditional way of copying content. This tutorial is for beginner bloggers and website owners who don’t have much idea about the defensive mechanisms in protecting the content. This technique might not help you at fullest of its purpose. So, we recommend you to go for DMCA Takedown services if you are pretty serious about your content.


CSS3 have a selector named ::selection which can be used to style the selected text on the webpage. Using this selector, we can change the color, background, cursor and outline of the text. This selector was removed before the CSS3 recommendation status and can hopefully be added in the future version recommendations. However, this works well on all major browsers (with down versioning limit).

How it works?

As I told you in the above line that it can style color and background of the text, we are going to use the same properties to create a blind spot in the selection.

What is blind spot?
Blind spot is nothing but making the visibility of the text to zero using ::selection selector. For that, we use both the color and background properties.

Here is what you should do

Observe the following piece of code, I’ll guide you how to customize and install it on your website.

::-moz-selection { /* Code for Firefox */
    background: AS SAME AS FONT COLOR;
::selection {
    background: AS SAME AS FONT COLOR;

Add the color of your font on the webpage to both the color and background properties. This creates a mono-color selection style hiding the text within, thus creating confusion to the copier.

Add the above piece of code in <head> section of your website so that it will load up before the content.

Psych tip: Actually, copiers have less patience, that’s why they prefer the 30 sec copy-paste job to the 3-4 hours article writing one. So, If you could annoy him for 30 seconds at least, they will fly off your website.
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Add/Hide ‘Hibernate’ to Windows 10 Shutdown Options

New operating system, new UI and little confusion in accessing your favorite options is all common for an average computer user after the upgrade. Windows 10 has brought significant changes to the user interface compared to Windows 8.1. Every setting has been brought under the right hood and it created some confusion in accessing even familiar options.

If you have recently upgraded to Windows 10 and have been looking to add more control to your Shutdown options in Start menu, this tutorial is for you.

The Shutdown button in Start menu will have only three options, Shutdown, Restart and Sleep. Not only we can add the Hibernate option, but also we can remove it along with the other power preset options with some limitations (Shutdown and Restart cannot be removed). The tutorial is a bidirectional guide and hope you would find it useful.

Step 1: Click on Start button > Settings.


Step 2: Click on System.

Step 3: Scroll down to Power & Sleep settings > click on Additional power settings.


Step 4: Click on ‘Choose what power buttons do


Step 5: Click on ‘Change settings that are currently unavailable’. This will enable the grayed out options in the bottom.


Step 6: Under Shutdown settings, check the options that you wanted to be displayed on shutdown button.


That’s it! You’ve now successfully added/removed the hibernate button to your shutdown button options.
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Upgrade Old Windows OS to Windows 10 Manually | Step-by-Step Guide for Novices

Microsoft has announced the operating system of the next decade as promised, on July 29th 2015. This version of the operating system is going to be the final version of the operating system from Microsoft for the next 10 years. As a part of the promise, the tech giant have made it possible for everyone to upgrade their PCs to Windows 10 for free.

If your computer satisfies the system requirements, suggested by the Microsoft, you can chose to install the new Windows on your computer by following either of the following installation methods.

Before Upgrading Notes:

  • Your files and apps will not be erased if upgraded. Although, it gives an option to wipe out the files and apps during the installation. So, be conscious through out the process and don’t mis-click to proceed.
  • It is however suggested to take a backup of your files on the desktop, documents, pictures, music and video folders.
  • The following demonstration of upgrading is performed on Windows 8.1 version of the Windows. GUIs may look different for different older operating systems.

Method 1:

To avail the free upgrade, you must have to reserve your copy of Windows 10 through the Get Windows 10 app. This app will do the downloading of suitable Windows 10 version for your computer and will notify you when it is ready to install. As this happens in the background, you will have no idea of what’s happening behind the curtain.

Method 2:

There is another method to install Windows 10 on your PC. It is through the media creation tool.

Step 1: Download the right version (32-bit or 64-bit) of windows 10 media creation tool on to your PC and run it with administrator rights (Right-click > Run as Administrator).

Then, it will start checking the compatibility of your PC and suggests a version of Windows 10 to download.


Step 2: After downloading, the media creation tool will check for necessary updates for your PC. Later, it will asks you to confirm the installation of the media creation tool. Click ‘Confirm’ to proceed to the installation process.

Step 3: After finalizing all the updates, the wizard shows up the ‘install’ button. Click to start the real upgrading process now.

Step 4: After a couple of restarts, it beings up the following upgrading screen.

upgrading windowsupgrading windows

The upgrading process will be done in three stages.
  • Copies the downloaded files to the installation directories
  • Installs new Windows features and programs
  • Finalizes the installation
The status of the whole process will be shown in the percentage format in a Halo like status ring. Let the ring fill blue until 100%.

Step 5: This phase of upgrading needs a couple of confirmation clicks to start up. Once it is done, a new desktop will be shown up with a new look and feel. Go through the new Windows 10 and enjoy the free upgrade.

You will love the whole tour of upgrading your computer to Windows 10 as much as you would love the changes that the Microsoft has brought to their new operating system.

Don’t forget to visit back this page and cheer your ‘hurray’ in comments below. Hope to see you soon.
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Create Beautiful Rounded Profile Pictures using Simple CSS

Profile pictures are personal identifiers of an average internet user. We may not able to tweak the profile pictures on social media networking sites but, we can do the same on our blogs and personal webpages. Let’s see how to make some beautiful profile pictures using known CSS.


By using a simple CSS property called border-radius, we can bend the pictures’ square/rectangular shaped edges into circular shape. Increasing border-radius to 50% brings the required shape to the picture.


Setting the border radius alone will leave the picture with no border or bezel around it. It would look like something like this:




The code to display the above image is as follows:



        .rpic img{
            border-radius: 50%;



<div class="rpic">
       <img src=""/>


Let’s make it beautiful with border-style property.


The width of the bezel (border-style) can be modified by using regular border-width property in CSS. So, the resultant CSS becomes this:


        .rpic img{
            border-radius: 50%;            

            border-style: solid;

            border-width: 5px;


While the HTML remains the same.


Result: (Watch the following picture with border-style and border-width properties added to the code)




border-style can be ‘dotted’, ‘dashed’, ‘double’, ‘groove’, ‘ridge’, ‘inset’, ‘outset’ other than ‘solid’. You can even use their combo like as ‘dotted solid double dashed’ and it will be applied clockwise starting from top edge. Take a look at this example (opens in new tab) on W3Schools for better idea.


The border style color of the picture can also be modified using the border-color property.


When added, the resultant code will look look this:


        .rpic img{
            border-radius: 50%;
            border-width: 5px;
            border-style: solid;
            border-color: #09aacc;


Value for border-color property can be the name of the color, hexadecimal code or rgb(0,0,0) values.






Hope that was made simple. Don’t forget to share with me your beautiful rounded profile picture in comments section below.

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How To Check If Someone Is Hiding On Facebook

Everyone these days wants to be a spy. Not actually in ‘real’ life with a neat suit, hand gun and 007 background tracks playing behind the scenes, but in virtual world. Spying or stalking someone has become a hobby since people found Facebook helping them so.


During the times of Orkut, people used to fear of stalking/spying on someone. Because, the profile page used to show the recent visitors beside. This somehow contributed to the fall of Orkut and rise of Facebook.




Note: This tutorial is to help you know about the features of Facebook through which we can track(follow) someone’s online activity. We have no intention of braking someone’s privacy by any illegal means.


#1 Follow their activity

Every common individual likes to be followed by people on social media. If you are friends with your stalkee already, it is easy to track their activity. Even though the availability status is kept offline, you will still receive their activity of likes, shares and comments rolling down your news feed.


Even if you are not actually connected to each other, you can still track their activity by ‘following’ them. But this ‘follow’ option has to be enabled on their profile.


#2 Follow their close friends

Social networking is all about connecting people. It connects us to people that we know and we don’t know. The person that you are trying to spy on and you might have got some common friends in between. Adding them to your ‘close friends’ list will notify you when they are mentioned by your target person in any update.


This is somehow can be called a real stealth mode. It is hard to say that someone is stalking someone’s profile.


#3 Message ‘seen’ status

If you can see them being online, ping them with a message. If it shows ‘seen’ status, it means that they are online but are (willingly) not responding. Facebook might show just-gone-offline members too in the online list. You should be carefully watching the difference while pinging them.


#4 Follow the trends

This might sound non-catchy for your thoughts. If there is anything trending on Facebook which is one of your stalkee’s interests, follow it to some scroll downs. As you cannot get everything on newsfeed, you might miss their activity in the track of frequent updates. Following the trends of their interest would help you catch him soon in an update.


As we know that the trending updates include updates from our friends, pages and followees too.


#5 Toggle between recent and most popular updates

Facebook newsfeed can be sorted in two ways, ‘recent’ and ‘most popular’. Some updates might not even be noticed by the people and so they will go down to hell in the short course of time where as, some updates get a lot of activity on them and will be frequently shown in the newsfeed.


<<Highly Recommended>> Don't let the unknown people stalk your Facebook profile


The message

All the above features mentioned depicts the flexibility of Facebook and its features. However, it always possible to protect and hide you profile from unknown and annoying people.

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How to Make an ISO File from CD/DVD?

ISO file format is one of the popular disk image file formats we use to copy data from CDs or DVDs into. It is the most preferred image format to migrate data from one disk to another.

Data like images, music and videos need not to be stored in ISO format but data like software and operating system are. We should not just copy down all the files from a OS DVD and save them some where on computer to make another copy of it. All the files once copied might get corrupted and may not work properly after writing them down on to a new disk.

An image format file will make a package of entire DVD data along with the format. An image file can be virtually mounted on to the drive and can be used as if a CD/DVD is inserted.

Note: If you are new to this process, keep the points mentioned above in mind for future.

To make an ISO file, we need a ISO maker software. PowerISO is preferably the best software to serve this purpose among the others.

Step 1: Download and install PowerISO on your computer.

Step 2: Insert the CD/DVD that you want you make a copy (in image format) of.

Step 3: Run PowerISO, go to Tools and click Make CD/DVD/Blue-Ray image file.

Make CD DVD Blueray image file

Step 4: Select the source drive (if you have multiple DVD drives on your computer). Choose Destination file as ISO file, select the save location and click Ok to start making the image file.

Step 5: Sit back. Grab a coffee till the process completes. That’s it!

Feel free to ask me if you need any assistance while doing this process. I’d be happy to help you.
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How to Bring Back Your Moto G from Dead?

Death is inevitable! But this is not true in case of digital devices totally. Though they seem dead, they can still be brought back by doing a little CPR(let’s assume).


It is the same in the case of Moto G. In the hard times or when you used the last changed particle in the battery, the phone dies(not actually). It neither switches on nor even charges. You can being it back from dead by doing the following tricks.




Trick #1:

Though it shows you like not charging, keep it in charge for 5-10 minutes and try to switch it on. Sometimes batteries die with no single drop of electric juice in them. Keeping them in charging for a little while can bring it back to life.


Trick #2

Do this if only trick #1 is not working. Try pressing the combo of power button and volume down button till it shows up some light or boot menu options on the screen.


Select the option ‘Normal Powerup’ from the list using the volume rocker. It will boot up normally and enjoy the life back on your phone.


Trick #3

This trick is a bit complicated and need your hands on its hardware. Do this only if the above two tricks are not working for you.


Note: Preforming this adventurous tweak might spoil your smartphone if done wrongly. Do it at your own risk. Don’t blame me or amfas tech if you spoil it in your own hands.


(That was not to scare you, but just a formal warning)


Before you do it, make sure you had the right tools with you.



Step 1: Open up the back cover.


Step 2: Take the right screw driver, and remove the battery carefully. Make sure you pulled of the battery connector safely.


Step 3: Eat some snacks and wash your hands neatly.


Step 4: Put back the battery. Make sure you plugged in the battery connector correctly.


Step 5: Put back the back cover and now try to switch it on or try trick #1.


This will help your device back from dead at most probability if the problem lies with battery draining. If it won’t still start up, don’t try your curiosity skills over it. Take it to the service center and let the real technician do the job for you.

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Quick Hack & Search Trick: Download AP SSC Hall Tickets 2015

SSC exams for the students of Andhra Pradesh are so near and hall tickets were made available before they are given to students in schools. Enthusiastic students who wanted to know the details about their examination centers can go to this link and download their hall tickets prior they are given in schools.


Wait! I’m not here to give you the ‘edu’ kind of information. I am a techie, I always look for an easy way to do any task.


Obviously, the website have three combo boxes which show up list of details up on selecting the prior one. Scrolling down the vast list of schools and name will take a heck of time and the worst thing is you may not find it in the first time itself.


Sneaking code to quick search

Step 1: Selecting your district first and it will make the schools list visible.


Step 2: Select a random school from the list and wait till ‘Select’ appear on the third combo box.




Step 3: Now, right-click on anywhere on the webpage and select ‘view page source’.




Step 4: It will now open the source code of the webpage in another new tab. Press CTRL+F, type your school name and hit ENTER.


Step 5: Your school name will be shown highlighted in the code. Find the code of your school that resides right beside the name and note it down.




Step 6: Now switch back to the hall ticket download page and you can now easily find the school name based on the serial number code that you noted down in Step 5.


Step 7: You can also search your name if the student list is also vast, by going on to the ‘view source code’ page again doing what we did in Step 4.


Hope that saved your valuable time. Say after me, Hackadackadooo!!

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How to Add AdSense Code to Your Blogger Blog’s Template?[Dummies Guide]

Starting up a blog and getting an idea of earning through it is a fantastic thing and I appreciate you coming up with it. I know you are new to blogging and Google AdSense, but you need to worry when there are articles on Amfas Tech to guide you get started with good speed.

Coming to current topic, adding AdSense ad code to the template will create a permanent place on your blog’s layout to display ads. You may add the code anywhere in your template but make sure it doesn’t dominate or push down the content from the above the fold.

Take a look at the following examples given in official Google support answers,

Good examples of placing ads:


Bad examples of placing ads:


Keeping them in mind and follow the instructions to add the ad code to the template,

Step 1: log into your Google AdSense account
Step 2: Click on My ads > +New ad unit
Step 3: Choose the type of ad unit and style, give the unit a name and click Save and get code.

Note: Copying and pasting the code directly into the template is not valid. You need to parse the code before pasting it into the template.

What is parsing?

According to Wikipedia, “Parsing or syntactic analysis is the process of analyzing a string of symbols, either in natural language or in computer languages, according to the rules of a formal grammar. The term parsing comes from Latin pars (orationis), meaning part (of speech).”

To speak it in English. parsing is nothing but converting the string of symbols in HTML into the browser understandable format. For e.g., ‘<’ symbol in HTML is parsed as ‘&lt;’.

How to parse?

There are several HTML parsers available on the internet that can do the work for you in blink of an eye. Among them, following are the some of the good parsers that always stay top in SERP.

Adding parsed code to the template

If the unparsed code looks like this,
<script async src="//"></script>
<ins class="adsbygoogle"
(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});

The parsed version of it looks like as follows,
&lt;script async src=&quot;//;&gt;&lt;/script&gt;
&lt;!—NAME OF THE AD UNIT--&gt;
&lt;ins class=&quot;adsbygoogle&quot;
(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});

If you wanted to add the ad code under the ‘title’ or ‘body’ of the post, follow the instructions as given in this tutorial.

If you wanted to add the ad code in elsewhere of the blog’s template, use inspect element feature of your web browser, identify the section you wanted to place ads and go to Template > Edit HTML section of your dashboard, find the section in the code and paste the parsed Ad code right there and Save template.

Tip: Always place the code in between <div>ADSENSE PARSED CODE</div> tags to avoid messing up of Ad unit with the blog template. For e.g., it looks like as follows,
&lt;script async src=&quot;//;&gt;&lt;/script&gt;
&lt;!—NAME OF THE AD UNIT--&gt;
&lt;ins class=&quot;adsbygoogle&quot;
(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});

Hope that helped.
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How to Start Making Money with Fiverr

This article is dedicated to all those online money making aspirants who have been asking me about data entry jobs for some days. Follow the guide and create gigs of your own skills and earn genuine money online. Let’s begin!

Fiverr is a marketplace where you can offer your services starting at $5. This service is totally for free and you need to have to spend a penny to create an account in it. A service offered is called as a gig on Fiverr.


Whenever you offer a service on Fiverr, someone interested will buy it and so that’s how you will be paid.



For e.g., If I know Photoshop well and I’ll create a gig offering photo morphing or $5. Someone who is interested will contact me and assign me a work to do for them. I’d finish the work and report the result to them. As soon as I’m done with my servicing, I’ll be get paid. All this happens through Fiverr dashboard application which is easy to use and manage.


How to signup to Fiverr?

Signing up is as simple as drinking water. You may not have to fill up a deck of textboxes at the time of joining. Just go to and click on join on the top right corner of the page.




Just enter you email ID and click continue. You may not need to enter a single character if you connect with Facebook or Google+.


You will then be sent a confirmation email. Once you confirm your account, you will then be able to log into the dashboard.


Log into the dashboard and complete your profile information including the profile picture.



How to create a gig(offer your service)?

Offering your service is also called creating a gig on To create a gig, click on your username > My Sales > Create a Gig.




Give your gig a title, choose it under appropriate category, upload your work relevant images, write an attractive description of it, give relevant tags of your own, select the maximum duration you can deliver the service with in and write any instructions for the buyer of your service.


When you are done with filling information about the service you are offering, click Save & Continue.


Navigate to your username > My Sales > My Gigs to view all the gigs you have created.




Click on Preview to see how it looks for your buyer. The preview look like as shown in following screenshot,




This way you can create you own gigs of your on skills and get paid for your work online.


Hope that helps!



Don’t forget to share you gigs with me on our Facebook page. All the best!

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Online Recharge Prepaid Mobile Account[Dummies Guide]

We are starting a new section ‘Dummies Guide’ for novice computer users up on the request of some of the Amfas Tech readers where we’ll be focusing on the educating tutorials on those things that are necessary in the basic tech routine of anyone's life.

We would like to start this section with the first requested guide i.e., ‘how to recharge prepaid mobile online’. If you wanted a guiding tutorial, you may request us through email or through messaging on our Facebook page.

Recharge procedure

Note: Recharging your prepaid mobile account is easy but needs your full attention while doing it. As we will be doing the transaction online through credit/debit cards or online banking, we should take care of the security concerns that involve in them.

Follow are the steps involved the recharging process,
  1. Identify your network provider(for e.g., Idea, Airtel, Aircel, Vodafone, etc..).
  2. Go to and search for the network provider’s recharge portal(for e.g., is the recharge portal for Idea users).
  3. Enter your prepaid mobile number in the mobile number field. It may ask you to enter it twice as for confirmation(to reduce recharging of mis-typed number). Then click on Ok or Submit or Recharge or any relevant button(the name of the button may change according the website).
  4. Once clicked Submit, it will take you to the recharge plans page where you have to choose a plan or top-up of your choice. Choose one and click Recharge Now or relevant link beside the recharge plan.
  5. Confirm your recharge and proceed.
  6. Choose the type of payment and card from the form of payment options. It will redirect you to bank gateway where you have to enter the further details like card number, name on card and CVV number.
  7. Enter your card number, name on the card, CVV number and valid through date in the form and click Submit.
  8. You will get an One Time Password(OTP) to your mobile number(which was registered with your bank account) if you are doing this transaction for the first time.
  9. It will ask you to create a transaction password with along with your email ID after entering the OTP. Enter your email ID and new transaction password(which can be used for your future transactions).
  10. Once you are done with the process, you will be redirected to the ‘Successfully recharged’ page of your network provider.

Things to remember

Though the procedure look so simple, it involves the risky side of transacting money online. So you should be aware of the online frauds and scams along with the security procedures that help prevent being scammed or hacked.
  1. Always remember that your transactions should be done over HTTPS protocol instead of HTTP(for e.g., https://care.ideacellular…..)
  2. Every online transaction that goes through bank gateway would be encrypted and will show you the same in the form a message in the time gap of redirecting(for e.g., ‘this connection is encrypted with 3D secure 128 bit encryption algorithm’).
  3. No transaction will last more than 10 minutes. If you delay the process while in bank gateway, it will cancel the transaction.
  4. Bank payment gateways will not place any pop-up or slide over advertisements and ask you to respond in order to proceed with the transaction. If you found any such in between the process it means that you computer or web browser is infected with adware/malware. It is better to quit the transaction when you find any such.
  5. Never reveal your credit/debit card/online banking details to anyone online or offline. Also never reveal your transaction password to anyone(especially to your kids).
  6. Amfas Tech will take no liability if you loss any money from this transaction procedure. We have nothing to do with your responsibility of keeping your computer and web browser safe.

Identifying card details

If you have any problem in identifying your credit/debit card, see the example screenshot below of the same,


Not all cards are same! The above card is shown to make you understand the details on your card only.

Be smart online!

Image Source:
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