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Recover Deleted Data from iPhone – Contacts, Photos, Text Messages & WhatsApp History

It is very common to find yourself stuck in a dilemma when you accidently delete important data from your phone. Recovering lost data is a tiring task that might be rendered useless if we are unequipped with appropriate tools and software. In this situation iMyFone D-Back Software is a knight in shining armor. For people who have been in this situation where they are unable to recover the lost data on their device this article might shine some light on how to resolve that problem.

Why do we need it?

As clumsy as most of us would deny being, we have all been in a situation where we wish we had an undo button. Our devices as compact and reliable they might seem to us are vulnerable to environmental hazards as well as computing malfunctions. In these circumstances our data is exposed to being deleted or damaged.

Our devices are prone to certain malware and viruses that puts the data on our phone at risk. There have been cases where users forgot their passcode lock and became victim to a complete phone reset losing all the data on their device. Upgrading your device initiates an auto reset which also leaves the data on your device at bay. Jail breaking your device is never recommended unless absolutely necessary. Amongst the multiple reasons, the safe return of the files and data on your device can not be guaranteed.


What does it do?

iMyFone D-Back Software has a grasp on multitude of applications on your device. This enables the user to efficiently trace the data on your device without any trouble. Smart Recovery empowers the users to search and look up specific data in a flash of a second. iMyFone D-Back Software ensures to keep the integrity of the data and files intact when recovering. You can search up the data depending on file type, file size or file name specifically. More than that iMyFone D-Back Software would sieve through each and every file on your device to find the lost data. The effectiveness of the entire system is impeccable.

The software can recover almost all the deleted files on your iPhone, including text messages, notes, contacts, photos, videos, call history, WhatsApp/Wechat/Kik/Viber conversation.


iOS devices have a built in safe switch when it comes to data recovery. Utilizing iMyFone D-Back Software’s lightening flash technology you would be done recovering your lost data in no time. iMyFone Data has outdone itself when it comes to recovering data on your iOS device even without the back up data. The software itself incorporates the iDevice and manages to go through each and every hidden aspect in order to recover the files you lost. Your contacts, messages, photos, videos and all files would be recovered in no time, thanks to iMyFone D-Back Software and its latest algorithm.


You can be a victim of theft where your iDevice might be stolen or lost. Your precious data on your iPhone might be lost forever. With the help of iMyFone D-Back you can easily sweep through your iTunes account. iTunes is a safe lock storing all your saved data for whenever you wish to access it. iMyFone D-Back ensures a safe connection with your iTunes account even without your device. So if you ever seem to misplace or lose your iDevice you can always count on iMyFone D-Back for the safe recovery of your important data and files.


iMyFone D-Back also establishes a reliable connection with your iCloud account. You can extract the files and data you require and transfer it to your iDevice or desktop. The software enables the users to preview the files extensively so that you can selectively choose what you want to restore on our device. iMyFone D-Back Software is capable of reading through the data and alarm you in case any files are being stored twice on the phone.


In a nutshell the software is a helping tool that conjoins variable data recovery option in one place. It opens a world of possibilities where you can easily recover any file or document without any hassle.

The properties of iMyFone D-Back Software adheres to the ever increasing needs of the people and cater to all those who wish to benefit from its impeccable data recovery options. You can rely on iMyFone D-Back Software when it comes to the safe recovery of your lost data.

* This post is sponsored by iMyFone D-Back Technology Co.Ltd

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8 Must Have iPhone Apps For Small Business Owners

Business owners are always working round the clock, involved in a number of tasks. Managing all these at a time can be bit of a task. Modern technology and the various apps that comes handy nowadays will help smooth things out. If you are an iPhone owner and a business owner too, these 10 apps are must have in your mobile.




1. inDinero

inDinero is a one-stop accounting app which helps the user to keep his books accounts proper, file taxes and also assists in managing payrolls. You can get a proper and clear view of your financial health whenever needed through its feature where it stores data in the backup.


While this app is free available on mobile, its software version costs anywhere between $349 to $1,999 a month.


This app is compatible on iPhone.


2. Evernote

Evernote as the name suggests helps to note anything and everything wherever you are in the world. It aids features which enables one to type, record voice notes and snap pictures bringing all the facilities into one platform. This app helps to make all tasks more productive.


This app is compatible on iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone.


3. HootSuite

Owning a business is not easy, one needs to keep his presence felt in all places in order to grow and expand their business. What else other than social media do this job better? Being active in social media is very much necessary which has helped bridge the gap between the world. At the same time managing various apps at a time can be a task in itself.


HootSuite helps you bring all your social media accounts at a place and using a single app allows you to communicate on a variety of social media platforms.


This app is compatible and available for free on iPhone, Android and Blackberry with a premium charge of $99/month on upgraded versions.


4. Asana

Asana is an app which is compatible iPhone applications. This app helps to plan projects and organize tasks accordingly along with your team. This also helps to aid in listing tasks and works for your whole team.


This app is compatible for iPhone and available for free for small businesses.


5. Expensify

An absolutely must have app, this integrates your bank account and credit card with itself and helps you by notifying you whenever a payment has to be made. Along with, it assists in categorizing payments in various categories giving you a proper picture of your financial health. You can also take snaps of your receipts to list them and generate report whenever needed.


This app is compatible and available for free on iPhone, Android, Blackberry and Windows Phone.


6. Triplt

As business owners are you on wheels regularly? Are you often traveling and find it difficult to manage things at a short notice. No need to worry any longer, Triplt helps you maintain a proper balance while juggling between things. It assists in staying organized. Just by forwarding your confirmation emails of your reservation, this app builds itinerary which you can look up to at any time. It also aids notification assistance whenever there is a change in the flight timings.


This app is compatible on iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone.


7. LinkedIn

LinkedIn provides platform for people and business owners to network. Signing up to LinkedIn and creating an account with, one can create groups and know about the latest activities, making networking much easier, to reach out to people.


This app is compatible in iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone.


8. Any.DO

Typing and inputting can be tedious tasks at times and it may not be possible to type everything at length. Any.DO helps to bail you off this problem by providing voice input feature. This is one of the most recommended apps for every business owner. You can load any information of any new item by using the voice feature. Also with just a shake of the phone, you can remove all the completed task.


This app is available for free on iPhone and Android.


Author Bio: Aishwarya Raghunath has authored this post. She regularly contributes to the blog Desi Hisab- Daily Expenses Manager and you can download this expense manager app from Google Play store. Apart from that she is a gadget freak and investment manager.

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5 Great Productivity Apps for the Paperless Office

The negative influence we have on the planet is undisputed. With carbon emissions off the roof, the demand for more eco-friendly solutions in any industry is increasing. This is why even app developers are creating everyday solutions that can help you help nature while not drastically changing your daily habits. Some of those developers concentrate on offering software for employees to help them in their day-to-day efforts to reduce the amount of paper they consume on a regular basis.


This is why we have put together a list of 5 popular apps to use that will not only help you be organized, but are also more eco friendly.





Beagle is perfect for small business entrepreneurs, or just about any other person that is not a lawyer accustomed to reading through complicated legal jargon. This tool helps you “translate” legal talk into understandable everyday sentences. Instead of reading through a tedious document, this app uses artificial intelligence to give you the basics: who are the parties in question, their liabilities, what would happen in different scenarios and much more. Additionally it also lets you share the document with your teammates, add comments and it is very fast.


Now, instead of printing whole legal contracts (which can be VERY lengthy) this tool lets you work quickly through the tediousness with your colleagues without the need to have a hard paper copy of the document present for reviewing purposes.



Every running business produces documents that need to be signed by relevant parties. Whether it is employment contracts, customer contracts, permissions, agreements and financial reports, the bigger the business, the more documents need to be distributed securely and signed by the relevant party. This becomes an even bigger challenge in larger, multinational organizations with offices across the country or even the world.


This is why DocuSign was created as a digital solution to all document signage. Without any papers, you can send relevant documents to the right people, and have them signed in minutes across the globe. Really, any modern office should be using this neat tool.



It is difficult to make this list without mentioning at least one app that is mobile based. Expensify is a phone based service, perfect for frequent corporate travelers, or just about anyone who needs to refund employment related expenses. For example, when you get a receipt for a business lunch you recently invited your big client to, this app will convert it into a PDF and save it into the appropriate folder. It can even track your mileage, just turn it on and it will calculate the costs of your journey. Amazing! With this app it will be much easier to digitally store important financial paper slips, while recycling their paper counterparts.


One more great feature is the fact that you can easily integrate this app with the ERP software of your choice, so if you have a digital budget manager, Expensify is a great complimentary tool.


PDF to Excel

Another tool similar to Expensify is PDF to Excel tool. The beauty of this tool is that it can help you save hours, literally, when doing extensive accounting work. For example, if you get a bank statement in PDF format that you need to edit further, PDF to Excel will make your job a lot easier. With a very intuitive interface, this online software will convert all your PDFs into editable Excel sheets for you to work on. Additionally, it can also help you insert figures from PDFs into ERP software. You will no longer have to print financial statements to insert figures to your program of choice, PDF to Excel will do that for you.



Microsoft’s note-taking software is a good alternative to the classic post-it notes. It is really similar to Evernote, but simpler. You can write your notes from any device, have them all in sync, and share them with your team. There is an ink option even, if you wish to draw something and convert it to text later.


That was all - really simple apps for a big problem of paper overuse. Luckily, there will always be eco conscious solutions to make our daily lives more eco friendly.

Do you have any other apps you use to help nature? Share with us in the comments section below.


Author Bio:

Paulina is the community manager at Born and raised in Toronto, she enjoys writing about the latest productivity apps and emerging technologies. In the meantime, you can read her articles at Investintech's blog.

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Bored? Try Out These Top 10 Movie Apps for Android

Think of yourself as a great movie lover? Well, how many of the movie apps of Android are you familiar with? I am sure the list wouldn’t be that long. Even without the help of all these apps you manage to watch a lot of movies. Think of how many movies you can enjoy with proper use of technology!
If you’re willing to stream movies online rather than watching them on your Android smartphone. Then check out this post, where you can find some of the best sites to watch movies online.
Now here we have come for the rescue, presenting to you the list of top 10 movie apps of android that sure is going to take your breath away. What are you waiting for? Let’s get started.

1. Netflix

Who can forget Netflix when it comes to watching movies? Netflix is the leading provider of movies and other videos across the world. It has no competitors in terms of quality and reliability. So where does the problem lie? Yeah, the problem lies on the fact that Netflix is not a free app. You got to pay Netflix for watching videos. But the pay is very less when compared to the benefits. If you are a true movie buff and cares about high quality videos, you sure got to have Netflix on your device.

2. MovieBox

Movie Box can be considered as the most popular movie app for Android. It lets you stream and download movies. You get to browse through the endless categories of movies and videos and watch them at your preferred time. You can create your own movie library and add movies manually as well. What more can a movie buff ask for? Well, you need to get your device rooted before you can use this application. It’s a bit difficult to download this application as well.

3. Crackle

Crackle is the app that you are looking for, if you are so much into movies and series. It lets you watch your favorite movies and series all for free! You can create your own favorites list of movies and series to watch later. You even have the provision to create a Crackle account such that you can log into Crackle from multiple devices and pick up exactly from where you left off. Yeah, sounds amazing, isn’t it? Crackle comes in the size of 11 MB and you can get Crackle from Google Play.

4. ShowBox

ShowBox is another popular movie streaming app for Android. Using ShowBox, you get to watch the latest Movies, Serials, and Series and so on. ShowBox is available both for Android and iOS platforms. There is a specially designed Windows application for ShowBox as well. ShowBox is totally free and totally cool. I would suggest ShowBox for every movie lover out there. Thousands of users have already downloaded this app and experienced its benefits. What are you waiting for? You can get ShowBox from Google Play.

5.Movie HD

Movie HD app is specifically designed for those who are in love with watching and streaming movies as well as TV shows. Movie HD app is available in a wide variety of Operating System platforms and is highly reliable. The app has a huge collection of movies from which you can choose and it extends its reach to 3D videos as well. The User Interface of Movie HD app is something’s to admire. Navigation is so easy with well-defined boundaries between different genres. There is the option of search which helps you find your movies of choice with such ease and pace. After you download the APK, you might need an additional application to stream videos.

6.PlayBox HD

PlayBox HD app can be considered as an alternative to apps like Movie HD app and Show Box app. PlayBox HD app also offers free streaming of movies and TV shows. PlayBox app lets you download videos and watch them when you are offline as well. An important feature of PlayBox HD app is that it has various subtitles sources available in different languages. It also supports the feature of Chrome cast. PlayBox HD app is available in both iOS and Android platforms. You can get the Android version of PlayBox HD app from this link.


ViewSter comes next in the list of top 10 movie apps for Android. Viewster also offers several of the features that other movie apps offer. It is cost free and it has high quality videos. It offers wide variety of videos including movies, anime, music etc. You can browse through the huge collection of videos in Viewster and the results can be sorted in any order that you like to see them in. Viewster has a great User Interface. The videos load with a bit of a delay, but since the video quality is good, this little delay is often ignored. You can get Viewster from here.


Using the Flipps app, you get to stream latest movies, music and TV shows as and when you need. You can connect your mobile device to your home TV and watch the movies without a set top box or a cable connection. Even YouTube videos can be watched on TV with high resolution. Tell me how cool that is! Flipps is definitely an inevitable app for all the movie lovers out there. You can get Flipps from Play Store.


Using Hubi app, you can download and stream your favorite videos from the most popular streaming services available. Hubi is totally free. Hubi has a lot of attractive features. Hubi allows you to keep a list of watched videos, it has a clean interface which is easy to use, it lets you download videos and watch them later, it lets you share video links with your friends and family and a lot more. Hubi definitely redefines one’s idea of a movie streaming app. You can download Hubi app from Google Play Store.

10. Movies by Flixster

When it comes to movies, Movies by Flixster app has a lot to offer than you can think of. It is the app for movies, I should say. It lets you create movie lists and lets you have a look at the movie lists of your friends. It has latest movie trailers included and definitely you can have a look at those cool trailers. Flixster even lets you book tickets online to watch your favorite movies. You can see the Rotten Tomatoes critic reviews from this app. The interface of the Flixster app is simple and you can access almost anything and everything instantly with this interface. You can get Movies by Flixster App from Play Store.

Author Bio:

This article is written by Rahul Gupta. He is the CEO & Founder of CrunchyTricks. He is online since 2014 and had helped many bloggers and startups to achieve what they want. He writes about Blogging, SEO, Social Media, Affiliate Marketing & Tech.
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The Rock Clock Review: Dwayne Johnson's Official Alarm Clock

Dwayne Johnson, popularly known as ‘The Rock’ as his ring name is a professional wrestler and actor has introduced an alarm clock that is motivational to grab the schedule and get the task done. This clock will not only be motivational to the gym goers and for those who admire the Dwayne’s workout in gym but also helpful to achieve life goals.


As this clock app is interesting, I’ve decided to get my hands on it for a week and review it to the world. This is an app for the Dwayne fans, those who admire him at gym and out. Don’t miss any option in this review if you wanted to use this app.



Downloading and installing the app

You may download the pp from the Google Play Store on your phone or from the computer by logging into your Google account. Here is the link for The Rock Clock.


Using ‘The Rock Clock’

The Rock Clock has no unnecessary options nor the floating advertisements. All it allows you to set a new project, set an alarm and wakes you up everyday with a message from Dwayne Johnson.




Clicking on the ‘Let’s do this’ button will take you to the project goals setting screen where you can set your own customized project or use the example projects.


Proceed to the next screen after choosing a goal and set the end date for your goals. You may also set no end date for your daily goals.




You’d then be taken to the next ‘Wake up ass up at’ screen where you can set the morning alarm to chase the goals.




You can choose the different alarm tones from the library of 24 tones in which some are sung by The Rock Dwayne Johnson himself. If you are a ‘rock’ fan, set your alarm tone the rock song.




Set the time and ‘Save’ the alarm.


Wake up with Dwayne

You can follow up Dwayne’s alarm by syncing your alarm with his. A sweet warning showing ‘Dwayne is a morning person’ will bring smile on your face. You may set the ‘Rock Time’ on/off in the alarms panel anytime.


In the alarm panel, you would find another button ‘Sleep Mode’ which brings up a analog clock on the screen showing the time ticking off. You may set this alarm while sleeping.


This app is downloaded by 500,000 users so far and is rated 4.7/5 on Play Store. Do you still need a reason to use it? Share your ‘The Rock Clock’ experience in comments below.

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XNSPY App Review: How an iPhone Spy Software Assists Parents in their Parenting

An iPhone is something out of this world. Sleek looks and lovely features of an iPhone make everyone go crazy over it. Be it a teenaged kid or sixty years old businessmen, all are die-hard fans of this amazing smartphone. Of course you don’t need to teach an adult how to go about life, but your teenaged child does need your supervision. To avoid your kids from misusing their smartphone by getting involved in wrong activities, parents need to keep a close eye on them with the help of an iPhone spy software, Xnspy.

A Highly Useful App

Xnspy is a highly useful and user-friendly monitoring software for your child’s iPhone. This app gets installed inside your kid’s cell phone in less than five minutes and covers very little space inside it. All the latest iPhone models work amazingly well alongside this amazing app. Usually you need to Jailbreak the iPhone handset for effective monitoring but if you are not up for it then the ‘Non-Jailbreak’ iPhone version of Xnspy would be best suited for you. What you need is an internet connection and your personal log-in details to gain complete access to your child’s entire cell phone data.

Phone Data And Web Access

Whatever pictures, videos and audio files that your kid has stored inside their iPhone, all those files will be shown to you with the help of Xnspy. To keep a close eye on your kids, Xnspy even provides you with the entire web browsing history of your kids along with the pages bookmarked by them. Parents may even view all the e-mail messages of their kids.

SMS Messages And ‘Record Surroundings’

SMS messages present inside your kid’s cell phone are shown to you without any fuss. This includes all the messages in the Sent Box, Drafts and the Inbox of their iPhone. If your kid is extra smart and they delete SMS messages from their phone, you may even recover those messages through your online account. With the help of the ‘Record surroundings’ feature of this iPhone spy software, you may even record all the sounds that are in the surroundings of your kid’s iPhone.

Assisting Parents

Kids need a close supervision during their teenage and this is the ultimate responsibility of all parents. An iPhone spy software eases up a lot of work for parents and assists them in knowing in great detail about the activities of their kids.

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Parcelled: Get On-Demand Shipping Service at Your Fingertips

We get everything online and I have been saying it since past few tech discussions on Amfas Tech and other sites as well. It is good to get products that you see on digital screens in hours or days right to your doorsteps. But, what if you wanted to send a package to your loved ones? How many times have you been to a shipping services office? It’s ok if you got all the 24 hours in a day. Unfortunately, we don’t have that time to spend. Shopping online to save time and still sending couriers by going to their offices? Is it fair?


Let’s talk about a scenario that I have faced recently.


I ordered a new photo album for a friend’s wedding and I wanted to give it filed with all our memories. I cannot directly order it to his place, it needs to be stricken with all our memorable photos. So, I should be getting that by hand and present it myself by hand.


Unfortunately, I had to leave for an urgent meeting on the same day of wedding. All my friends were already started and I had no other option rather than searching for a quick delivery service online that can pick up the package from my home and deliver it safely to the right man on time.


Then I came to know about this Parcelled app where I set my pickup and delivery location, paid the shipping charges and a boy came to pick up the package in no time. It nearly saved me two hours of time where I used it to arrange things for my urgent meeting.”


When real-life need meets technology in the shape of a smartphone application, how could I not review it? Let’s get to know about Parcelled app in detail technically. I am going to take you through the features of the app and how they can be utilized.


What is Parcelled?

Parcelled is an on-demand shipping startup that was started in India recently and operating their services from online. They don’t have any physical branches and operates their services from online. They have five pick up locations and several delivery locations all over India by now.



Choose your items easily

Shipping is not just transporting goods but transporting goods safely. Parcelled App lets you choose an item from a long list of common items.


choose-your-items-easily  choose-type-of-objects


Book & pick up in 2 minutes

The whole booking process takes less than 2 minutes. All you need to do is just select your type of object you are sending, set the pickup & delivery locations, give the full address and pay the fee.   


Preferred pick up time

You can set the convenient pickup time and the Parcelled team is ready to pick the package at any time in earthly hours.


Real-time tracking updates

You can keep track of the status of the package till it is delivered right from your screen. You may know the status or get any other enquiries answered through a single phone call.



The Parcelled team could have ended up as another courier or shipping service if they haven’t touched the awesomeness of technology. The UI of the app is easy and need no special skills to use. Any normal smartphone user can make his/her way through in a blink of an eye.


Technically, the application didn’t exhibit any errors or lags while using on my Asus Zenfone 2. The only cons about Parcelled is that the availability of pickup and delivery locations. I hope that they are already trying to expand their reach all over the country.

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Reliance Jio Chat Hands-On Review: The Next WhatsApp in Evolution?

It’s the age of instant messengers. People hangout more on IMs today compared to social media networks. The reason behind this adaption might be the evolved features of instant messaging.

It was 8 years ago when I bought my new Symbian S60 device, I installed all the IM apps that are available on it. No one except a few used to use those apps including WhatsApp. I used to ask my friends who had Symbian devices if they had WhatsApp installed on their handsets. The most of the replies I got were “what’s that?”, some were “No bro! I use Gtalk” and a very few replies had this phrase “Yeah! But I find it no useful”

Later, WhatsApp evolved with more features with time including the recent voice call feature and materialistic design update. Users increased, popularity gained.

What is Jio Chat?

Jio chat is an instant messaging application developed by Reliance communications with extra features that were lacked in WhatsApp and many other IM applications.
With all the features of a typical instant messenger application and some extra features that they are lacked, Jio chat seems like another WhatsApp in evolution. Let’s take a look at the application and see what it has got.

Registration with mobile number is common

Just like WhatsApp and other similar IM applications, the registration or account creation process is the same. You enter your mobile number, get an SMS verification code and proceed by confirming it.

Setting up the profile info

Setting up your profile information is no different from WhatsApp. You will just have to enter your name, select the gender, choose a profile picture and start using the application.



The chatting interface looks more like ‘Hike’ and ‘We Chat’ with doodle background.


There available very different chat stickers to express the feelings perfectly. You can also download a lots of free stickers online by clicking the ‘+’ sign.


Voice calling

Jio chat comes with a voice calling feature, which is seen in most of the chatting applications these days. Features like this are needed in order to put a check on the increasing call rates by telecom operators.


Video calling

You can also make a video call on Jio chat. the ability to make video calls in group chat is a cherry on the cake.

Public channels

This is an interesting feature on of Jio chat which allows us to subscribe to public broadcasts. We have seen this feature back in ‘We Chat’ at first and it seems like Jio chat is going to cover up all those features packed in one application.


Chat settings

You can control the alerts & notifications, hide private conversations, set a ‘do not disturb’ time slots, enable or disable ‘last seen’, delay sending of messages using this application.



Jio chat allows you to change the color scheme of the application and chat background. Even the font size can be changed according your visibility and requirement.


Security and privacy

You can blacklist contacts and safeguard your privacy. Numbers added to backlist once can be removed and can be re-added later.


Free SMS & chat delays

You can even send free SMS to your contacts when they are not shown up in Jio chat. You can also control the delaying time of chat message sent. But you cannot delay messages in order to schedule them. Maximum delay allowed is 3 seconds.


Share files and apps

This feature makes Jio chat stand out the new and best among the IM applications. You know well that you cannot share files, documents and apps via WhatsApp, but you can share all those with Jio chat. I love this feature and it then becomes a chat application for businesses too.



Jio chat is an all-in-one application with trending features like voice calling, video calling and ability to subscribe to broadcasting channels. I personally love the file, document and apps sharing feature which is not seen in popular chat application like WhatsApp.

It might take sometime for people to recognize this newbie application. You remember my story with WhatsApp on a S60 device right? Yeah, that’s what I mean.

Don’t forget to share your experience with Jio chat in comments below.
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Top 7 Must-Have Apps for Digital Marketing

This following article is written by Nuur Hasan, a software developer, web developer and a technical writer with more than seven years of experience. He believes that sharing knowledge can do wonders and that is why he likes to blog. His other interests include politics and sports.


If you are into digital marketing, these six iOS and Android apps would make your life much easier:




Perch is a free app for both Android and iOS users. It is extremely beneficial for small local businesses as it gives you an overview of what people talk about your business and your competitor’s business on the social media. You just have to tell the names of the companies to Perch and it would automatically generate updates of those companies on different social media sites. If someone leaves a review of your company on a social media, the alert function will send you a notification.


Google AdWords


Google recently launched a new free app called the AdWords. This app allows the campaign marketers to check real-time alerts and even examine their campaign stats. It also lets them to update bids and budgets. It gets a lot easier for marketers if they are running a pay-per-click campaign on Google. This app is currently available for Android users but it would be available for iOS users in the near future.




IFTTT arrived on the iPhone in late 2013 and the Android version landed shortly after. Both apps have seen numerous improvements since launch and are ideal for automating a range of marketing tasks such as 'controlling your world', creating To-Do notes, sharing them, taking and instantly sharing pictures etc. This app is lesser known than it should be. Its simplicity, clean design and excellent functionality makes it a top app for digital marketing.




Hubspot is getting famous between marketing managers as it gives them access to HubSpot tools and analytics. The HubSpot service is available for $200 per month but you can download the app for free. You can even try it without paying a penny before actually purchasing the service. According to the reviews, iOS app is much more consistent than the Android app.


Hootsuite, Buffer and Other Apps

Many digital marketers love using Hootsuite and Buffer as they are quite useful for marketing purposes. Hootsuite offers different plans according to the requirement of people. It proposes a free plan, a Pro plan and an Enterprise plan. Free plan is of course free, whereas Pro plan costs around $10. This app helps in creating updates that could be posted on different social sites at the same time. It offers many other features like monitoring if somebody mentions your business on any social media, sending direct messages on twitter etc.



Hootsuite just launched a new app for iOS users called the Hootsuite Suggestions. It is available for Pro users only at the moment. This app helps you to generate and share different social media posts.



Buffer offers two different plans. One is free while the “Awesome Plan” can be purchased for $102 per year. It recently launched a new tool called Pablo. Pablo lets you create visual media posts by using your own photos.

* If you have any complaints regarding the content of this page. Please don’t hesitate to report it to us.
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