Blogger Tutorials

All Blogger Basic Tutorials were designed for easy learning for absolute starters of blogging as a career/hobby/passion. We've tried to design/write/compose these tutorials best for self-learning. If you found any difficulty in learning or have doubts on topics, feel free to ask us at or comment your queries under the respective tutorial article.

Blogger Basics

Lesson 1: Creating a New Blog in Blogger

Lesson 2: Creating & Editing Blog Posts in Blogger

          Lesson 2.1: Using Blogger Editor Effectively

Lesson 3: Creating a New Page in Blogger

Lesson 4: Managing Comments in Blogger

Lesson 5: Working with Google+ and Blogger

Lesson 6: Working with Stats Reports in Blogger

Lesson 7: Earning thorough Blogger

Lesson 8: Working with Layout in Blogger

Lesson 9: Installing & Customizing the Template

Lesson 10: Using Blogger Settings
          Lesson 10.1: Learning About Basic Settings
          Lesson 10.2: Post & Comments Settings
          Lesson 10.3: Mobile & Email Settings
          Lesson 10.4: Language & Formatting
          Lesson 10.5: Search Preferences
          Lesson 10.6 Other Settings

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