Accepting Exclusive Press Releases & News about Technology

We are happy to announce that we have started to accept press releases exclusively written for us. We have been ignoring thousands of PR requests from media companies as we saw the articles shared are plagiarized and non-exclusive for Amfas Tech. 

Today, we would like to make the announcement clear and loud that we are open to publishing PR articles about technology, related to computers, telecom, the internet, and electronics. 

We, however, to keep the website spam and plagiarism-free, would take the article through a keen inspection for quality before publishing. 

What we expect to see in PR articles: 

  1. Quality information written exclusively for Amfas Tech. 
  2. No plagiarized or re-written articles. 
  3. Content should convey news not direct product promotions.

That’s it. Forward your articles to

P.S. The guidelines will be updated time-to-time in accordance with the conduction of web publishing on Amfas Tech.

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