7 Ways to Expose Your Content Using Facebook
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7 Ways to Expose Your Content Using Facebook

One of the most common ways to expose content is using social media networks. You can create a profile or page and then start sharing your posts or articles there, so people can read/watch it, share it and like it. But, as you know, it is easier said than done.


It is not enough just to sit and write a post, so then you can hope for the best. Most of the time what will come from it is a couple of views, and that is it. You need to go that extra mile if you really want to spread the word about what you are doing by doing some of the ways we will present to you below.




1. Join groups of interest

There are several groups on Facebook dedicated to the most amazing topics. And most of them are very active. So what you have to do is to find out which are the best options for you, join them, and discover the best way to share your content with them.


Generally speaking, what you want is to pick those groups where your target audience virtually hangs out and become an effective contributor. Read all posts with interest, and answer questions if you can. Also, make sure that you follow the group’s guidelines so not to be inconvenient.


And don’t overdo your posting – instead, only use your content to answer people’s questions or when you are 100% sure that they will be happy to see it. Otherwise, it will backfire on you.


2. Pay for ads

Sometimes, what you want to share is just too commercial. So it is better, to be honest about it and pay for ads on Facebook. The biggest social media network has been improving their paid advertising solution, so you are getting much more than before.


What you need to ensure here is that your ad will be seen by the target audience that you want. And Facebook won’t guess it for you. You are the one who needs to narrow down to whom your ad will be displayed by giving them insights into their characteristics – meaning that if you don’t know your target audience very well, do your homework before buying your ads.


3. Make the most of the visual resources

Only your family and friends want to hear from you on Facebook. Your clients, maybe not so much. Your potential clients, probably even less. You have to understand that Facebook is a social media for informal conversations and not for business. So you need to find your way to get their attention in a positive manner.


And the best way to do it is by making the most of any visual resources you might have. You will want to look for high-quality photos and illustrations, perfectly edited and emotionally engaging. And it is because your target audience needs to feel motivated to read your post. And nothing better than the right image to do it.


4. Answer your comments one by one

A good trick to use on Facebook to keep your post at the top of your results is by answering your comments sparsely. As you might know, every time that someone comments on your post it goes up and gets to be seen by more people. And the same happen when you answer them.


So, instead of answering all your comments in one go, answer a couple of them and then come back for more later. It will bring your post back to people’s timelines and notifications, improving your chances to be heard by more people.


5. Post consistently

If you are posting the right content to the right people, the chances are that they will be waiting to hear more from you. And the truth is that people follow patterns even unconsciously and also tend to forget things (and people) quite easily. Meaning that they will be expecting you to show up with a decent frequency and offering the same type of content.


In other words, make sure that you post regularly, usually at the same time, and that you only write about the same subject – the one that you know well. It will help people to see you as an authority in your area of interest, and it will also make you sound professional, as in taking your content seriously.


6. Tag the right people

If you are sure that someone really wants to hear or read what you just posted, don’t be afraid of tagging them on your comment or even on the post itself. Let’s say that a potential client has mentioned that they would love to know more about a certain book, which you hadn’t read yet. But now you did, and you wrote a post about it. In this case, there is no harm in tagging the person.


By doing it, you will refresh your name of your potential client’s memory. And it will also increase the chances that they will comment and engage with your post, and even share it with their own audience – just because people love to see their names mentioned online.


7. Create a user-generated content contest

If you want to see your content getting more shares, then let your audience create it. User-generated content is something that people really engage with and tend to share with their families and friends – which is all that you can dream of.


So as your followers to create their own content about your brand of the topic of choice. You will certainly get more views than you never had before and it won’t cost you much. Just make sure that the rules are clear and enjoy the results later.


The bottom line

As you can see, there are many simple ways to increase the exposure of your content on Facebook. And they are all easy to implement. Yes, there will be a bit of hard work, but it is all part of networking.


The good news is that, once you build up your audience, it tends to be loyal as long you keep offering what they need. Meaning that you will have the perfect place to promote your posts, products, and service from now on.


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