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How To Find Printer Ink For Old Laser Jet Printing Systems

Buying a new printer is always very exciting, but after a while you run out of ink. Finding out exactly which ink cartridge you need to replace and where you can find it is often a difficult and frustrating journey.


Then, the process of replacing the cartridge itself can be challenging. You may also find that a replacement ink cartridge can cost almost as much as a new printer. Read on to learn how to find printer ink for old laser jet printing systems and avoid getting frustrated with your printer system.




The Problem With Ink

Many consumers are frustrated with the methods profitable printer companies use to force consumers to purchase ink, whether it’s more expensive, incompatible with your printer model, or simply inefficient and quick to deplete. For example, many may have experienced that after purchasing a new printer the included cartridges last for only a few prints before expiring. Subsequently, refill cartridges are sold for nearly the same cost, if not more, than the printer itself.


Another business tactic that many consumers have encountered is the requirement to have all ink colors filled before printing, even if they’re only printing in black and white. Some believe these are schemes to make printing companies more money. However, a few printing giants, like HP, have claimed that they have spent years trying to lower the cost of making new cartridges.


Replacement Ink or a New Printer?

Inkjet printers are becoming more and more affordable, while new replacement cartridge prices are staying the same. The gap between the cost of a printer and the cost of ink cartridges is becoming exceedingly wide.


If you have an old laser printer, you may be wondering if you should just buy a whole new printer rather than track down the specifics of your cartridge. Before you choose the very impractical route of buying a whole new printer, consider the alternatives.


Check the Box

Many new printers come with a fresh ink cartridge stored in the box as part of the printer purchase. Check to see if you still have the original box—you may find a backup cartridge there. If you have the instruction manual, you can find the model numbers for the ink cartridge you need.




Call the Printer Company

Calling or emailing the company who made your printer is always a good place to start. You can inquire about where you can find a new cartridge based on the specifications of your printer. The key in this first step is to get the proper model number on your cartridge. Without this information, you may find it exceedingly difficult to properly replace your ink.


Compare Prices at Third-Party Vendors

The problem of expensive replacement cartridges comes about primarily when you try to buy officially branded ink from the same maker as the printer you own. Buying a replacement cartridge from your printer company is like taking your car back to the dealership for a tune-up—it’s going to cost a lot more than what smaller retailers will charge.


Online vendors have a deep inventory of ink cartridges that match many laser jet printers. There’s no reason to toss your old printer just because it’s out of ink and you’re not sure where to get more. Check the stocked inventory of any reputable vendor to keep your faithful laser printer running for another few years.


Although printer ink is a giant industry, it can be difficult to find the right cartridge to fit your model. However, with the right amount of research and insight, it is possible to effectively save on costs, avoid poor quality cartridges, and fulfill your printing needs.


Author Bio: Albert Krav is a software developer and IT technical support officer, working with other technical experts at 1ink to find the best solutions to all printing issues. Over the last decade, he has helped to effectively make printing at home or in the office a smooth and effortless process. During his free time, he loves to research about new technologies and write.


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