What Has Windows 10 Operating System Stored For You?
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What Has Windows 10 Operating System Stored For You?

What Windows 10 has got for you


Microsoft Windows 10 Operating System has implemented multiple new features and these features have taken hold of many users’ attention. Some of these features which are actually worth to work on Windows 10 are revealed in this article.


Flexible Command Prompt

If you are the one who kept on wondering why MS Command Prompt does not have CTRL+V option to simply copy complicated commands, there is good news for you. The CTRL+V function will now work inside the command prompt. Moreover some advance features are also embedded in the command prompt. You can right-click title bar of CMD window and select Properties. Here in properties click on the Experimental tab and you will be able view all the new features.


Start Menu

Windows 10 has made up for the blunder with Windows 8’s Start menu. This new Start menu is back to its original look and place. But now this menu has got more than just desktop apps. It has also got Metro Start screen’s functionality, live Tiles Windows 8-style apps, etc. The live Tile functionality can however be turned off if required and also the Metro apps can be unpinned from Start menu. This start menu can be also expanded to full screen and the Metro apps can be resized for re-creating Windows 8 like look, if you want so.


Notifications At Action Center

Ever since this Action Center has been added as functionality to Operating Systems, it has been appreciated a lot. The information pop-ups remind you of actions needed to be taken and acts like a reminder. Windows 10 has them with a complete different design.


Digital Assistant Cortana

Achieving success on Windows Phone 8.1, Cortana feature has now became part of Windows 10 PCs. It is a clever digital assistant and has a great control of search functions in Windows 10 Operating system. Cortana will try to access personal information and use it for searching the information you are looking for in order to perform helpful tasks. All type of online information is searched according to voice or text commands provided by you.


New Project Spartan Browser

Windows 10 has brought up a completely new browser “Project Spartan” for better speed, slickness, and adaptation of completely new age web. Spartan utilizes Microsoft’s new Edge rendering engine which was not available in the Internet Explorer. Cortana shows up some additional information while searching the web for instance, it will bring up Bing Maps direction while searching for any hospital.


Virtual Desktops

You can go back & forth between apps or desktop of apps as per your requirement suing multi-monitor setup. You can press ALT-TAB through apps or you can also hit Windows + CTRL + left or right arrow for moving in between virtual desktops.


Microsoft has put a lot of efforts in bringing best features with each updated versions of Windows. This new Windows 10 version is full of new functionalities and has already got many users’ attentions. We expect it perform nice as well!


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