50+ Free Resourceful Websites for Web Designers and Bloggers

Web designing is a tough job. It takes a lot of time for any web designer or a blogger to create every pixel of perfection in their designs for ready-to-access content. To make the job easy, web designers and bloggers actually look for free resources on the internet.
Today, I’m going to share with you the whole 50 resourceful websites which offers free templates, images, icons, and favicons. You can dribble your searches through these wonderful websites and can find perfect elements of UI for a design. These designs can be used in your blog posts as well.

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  1. Freebbble – Offers a bunch of free set of icons, images, backgrounds and PSD templates.
  2. Tethr – Offers the most beautiful iOS design kit with 138 templates and 250+ UI elements you have ever seen.
  3. Dribbble – Offers the screenshots of work, process and projects shared by community of designers.
  4. Tech And All – Resource for PSD templates, mockups, fonts and icon sets.
  5. Graphic Burger – UI kits, PSD templates, mockups, icons, backgrounds, text effects.
  6. Freepik – Free vectors, PSDs, icons and photos for everyone.
  7. Pixel Buddha – Free premium resources for professional community.
  8. Teehan+lax – iPad GUI in PASD format – contains major iOS elements for designing apps.
  9. Premium Pixels – Free design resources created and curated by UK based web designer Orman Clark.
  10. Creative Market – Stock of beautiful graphics, fonts, themes, photos from 7000+ independent creators.
  11. Fribbble – Free PSD templates, UI sets. icons and fonts by Gilbert Pellegrom.
  12. Pixeden – Web graphics, templates, PSD mockups.
  13. Freebiesbug – Free PSDs, sketches, fonts and web illustrations.
  14. UI Space – Icon sets, sketches, icons and font styles.
  15. 365 PSD – Free PSDs, icons, fonts and web elements.
  16. Marvel App – Editable interface elements to help and build your next design(s).
  17. DBFreebies – Icons, UI kits, fonts, templates, backgrounds, mobile, mockups and miscellaneous UI elements.
  18. Palette for Chrome – Create a color palette on the images on the webpages.
  19. Material Palette – A palette of materialistic colors on the web.
  20. Colllor – Can pick a color code from the palette and also can generate random color codes for quick use.
  21. Flat UI Color Picker – The list of all colors with an option to diversify them according to the family.
  22. Coleure – Can select multiple colors and can mix them up.
  23. Flat UI Colors – Can choose different formats of the color code from the grid of colors.
  24. Get UI Colors – Can choose the color codes in different formats.
  25. Coolors – Super fast color scheme generator for cool designers.
  26. Hex Colorrrs – Type-in the color code in one of the formats of Hex and RGB and see it getting converted into another format automatically.
  27. Skala Color – It is a compact and feature-rich OS X color picker for web designers and developers.
  28. Boot Flat – Perfect colors for perfect flat web designs.
  29. Couleur App – Simple grab-and-tweak-the-color app for Apple computers.
  30. Adobe Color CC – Adobe Kuler is now turned into Adobe Color CC. You can select colors of type monochromatic, triad, complementary and shade.
  31. Material UI Colors – Diversified grid of colors in different formats. You can also download the swatches on to your computer if you want.
  32. Color Lovers – List of several color palettes, patterns and colors.
  33. Colorful Gradients – Gallery of beautiful color gradients.
  34. 0 to 255 – Simple tool that helps web designers find variations of any color.
  35. Adaptive Backgrounds – A jQuery plugin for extracting dominant colors from images and applying it to its parent.
  36. Paletton – Can select colors of type monochromatic triad and complementary just like Adobe Color CC.
  37. Brand Colors – Lists out several web colors used by top brands online.
  38. Material App – Icons, backgrounds, screenshots, animations and gifs of material design.
  39. FLTDSGN – Icons, themes, websites, illustrations and apps for web designers and developers.
  40. Niice – Tool that helps you get web design ideas on demand like a spark.
  41. Agile Designers – 1436 best resources for designers and developers. Graphic design, UX design and web development toolboxes.
  42. Font Park – Download different kind of fonts totally for free.
  43. Type Genius – Shows the preview of the selected font in a paragraph and on a dummy webpage.
  44. Font-To-Width – Intelligent word spacing script.
  45. Font Squirrel – Free fonts that matches your commercial requirements.
  46. Google Fonts – The huge list of fonts with advanced search options.
  47. DaFont – Gallery of numerous fonts free for download.
  48. Font Face Ninja – Helps you find the name of the font on a random webpage you wanted.
  49. Beautiful Web Type – A showcase of best typeface fonts in Google web fonts directory.
  50. 1001 Free Fonts –  With over 10,00 type of fonts in the database, 1001 fonts provides free fonts for download.
  51. Canva Fonts – With 100+ most used designer fonts in the list, Canva.com provides access to their fonts for free.

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