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Amfas Tech Starts New Tech Forums Named ‘Passion for Technology’

Before you start reading: Computers and relevant technologies, gadgets, programming, blogging, SEO, internet marketing, e-Business are included in ‘tech’ theme of our forums.

With your support and love, we have travelled this far and we would like to take this journey a take-off to another level.

To bring readers the whole tech blogging world onto one platform by associating with fellow tech bloggers, Amfas Tech proudly presents ‘Passion for Technology’ forums, a place for tech bloggers flourish their blogging knowledge at a place to sophisticate readers with sources of various blogs on the web.

These forums are driven by values to help readers get their tech problems solved by offering a solution at one place.

How this is going to benefit bloggers?

That’s really right question to ask at this time. Why should you join our forums where as I wanted all the readers stay sticked to one place to get their problems solved? Is it not going to affect your traffic?

Not at all! These forums instead will help to increase traffic to your blogs. Here is how ‘Passion for technology’ is going to help you.
  1. You can start a sub-forum with your blog name, where you can share either summarized version of your latest blog posts with a link back to them.
  2. Your blog post links that are posted in the forum will be referred in Amfas Tech’s relevant articles from now on. For e.g., If you have written an article about ‘list of plagiarism checker tools’ and posted it in the forum and if I am writing an article about ‘plagiarism’, I will link a reference to your blog post.
  3. Every time your blog post link is referred in Amfas Tech’s articles, you will be notified personally.
  4. Top active bloggers will be featured on Amfas Tech every month along with their top blog posts of the month. 
  5. Top active bloggers will get their articles featured in the form of monthly best resources on Amfas Tech.

How this is going to benefit readers?

The readers are the inspiration for starting up of these forums. In the pursuit of a finding a complete solution, readers will jump on from one blog to another blog and will keep searching for that sorceress's stone till it is found.

Amfas Tech’s ‘passion for technology’ forums is going to give them an index of solutions at one place. One may easily and quickly find a solution by referring the index rather than going through a 2000 page book. Isn’t it?

A warm welcome to all fellow tech bloggers

In this regard, I would like to invite all fellow tech bloggers who share their technical knowledge through their wonderful blogs to join ‘Passion for Technology’ forums and make this idea benefiting for both our readers and us.

We’d be glad to have you on the board. You can get started by joining the forums here.

Thank you so much and all the best!


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