How to Cultivate Professional Reputation Online?
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How to Cultivate Professional Reputation Online?

You may be well aware of the fact by now that you are available on Google search. It would be exciting to know that you can be found by simply searching with your full name in search engines. Having social reputation is an asset these days. Yes I mean it!

I know this might seem awkward to you but it is the fact that can pull you down you earth from enjoying the reputation. Your social media reputation is responsible for your career growth. It is found that 79 percent of the hiring managers and job recruiters review online reputation of the candidates applied while considering for a role.

It is recommended to have a good professional reputation online along with the personal popularity. Because your personal presence on social networks might help recruiters evaluate your nature and professional presence to evaluate your job skills.

In this article, I’m going to share with you some tips about maintaining the professional reputation apart from your personal one. Let’s see how it goes.

Join the professional networks – Join the professional networks like LinkedIn. Make connections and ask for recommendations for the skills you acquire at best. Believe me, this really works. When I try my name in Google, it shows up my LinkedIn profile at first. Here is the screenshot for your reference:


Stay active on career oriented blogs and forums – Engage yourself on career oriented blogs and forums by commenting, sharing and playing round the discussions about the topics you expertise.

Start a blog or website in your own name – Having an own blog where you publish, talk and share your opinions and knowledge helps getting you recognized as a true professional. However giving an URL in your CV may also look impressive for recruiters.

Your own blog or website helps you expose your depth and interest in the subject you are good at. So try to have one if you you don’t had one yet.

Separate your professional profiles from personal ones – Use different email addresses, blogs, screen names for your professional and personal profiles.

An email address like would look more professional than a funky junky address like

Blogs or websites with your views published about the skills you acquire would prove your interest over doing job in that field.

A screen name in the format ‘Firstname Lastname’ would look professional than a funky screen name.

Manage who can access, comment or interact with you using settings of the professional network so that you won’t get plunged by some pervert’s action on your profile.

So that’s all for now. Hope that helped. Share you thoughts in comments!


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