Beware of Spoof Websites, RBI Warns India Again

The news flew that some unknown people have started a website in the name of RBI and thereby stealing the information regarding the savings accounts of customers. The website has started giving offers that are motivating people to give on their bank details online.


RBI said to media that the website with address is a fake one. RBI in this regard advised people not to believe in the offers they give on their website and be smart while banking online.

“We are not providing any savings account, current account and credit card services like other commercial banks.” RBI confirms.

It is known that RBI has already warned about the fake websites in their original website in the past.

AmfasTech advises you to stay safe from bank frauds and make sure you see HTTPS or secured SSL connection before the URL of the bank website while online. When you realize that you have been spoofed, report the issue to your nearest branch of the concerned bank.

Stay Safe Online!

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