Facebook Updates its Anti-Spam Algorithm to fight against like-baiting, duplicate content and spam links
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Facebook Updates its Anti-Spam Algorithm to fight against like-baiting, duplicate content and spam links

Finally, Facebook has come up with an update for its algorithm to reduce spam and unimportant content in the news feed. It is going to take actions on the posts that bait for likes, duplicate or repeated content from the same page, group or profile and the spammy links that directs users to unnecessary and harmful sites.


The latest change is interesting as it is going to show its impact on the pages and groups that are created for so sake. Let’s take a look at this more precisely,


Like Baiting

Like baiting is a practice of getting the attention of the users for no quality content. Posts like following come under like baiting posts.




Not only posts like these, photos comparing two or more movie stars and political leaders are like-baited on the news feed which are not only just funky but also irritating. I’ve tried to catch up some screenshots of posts of those kinds which I obviously did not find. So I end up finding an like-bait example image in Google images.


Facebook had a loose hand on this issue in the past but it seems have taken a strict action this time. Regarding the update news, they state,


The data suggests that this update does a better job of showing people the stories they want to see, even if they missed them the first time.


User feedback is valued so much in making this update to the algorithm. Regarding this, Lars Backstrom, who works on news feed at Facebook says,


The goal with algorithm updates is to keep improving News Feed. We’ll continue to keep you posted on the updates we make in response to people’s feedback.


So, if you found something objectionable on Facebook, don’t hesitate to report to Facebook.


Duplicate Content

Duplicate content is the content on the wall that is created more than once. Some page and group owners wanted to make most of their older content by re-creating it. So that they would get some new attention to their old posts once again.


Facebook’s new algorithm update pulls up the older posts if they are worth reading. This is measured based on the likes and shares the posts are getting in the past. So admins need not to worry about the algorithm update in this regard. All they should be doing is creating quality content for their fans and followers.


Today we are announcing an update to the News Feed ranking algorithm. Now organic stories that people did not scroll down far enough to see can reappear near the top of News Feed if the stories are still getting lots of likes and comments.

– Facebook

against duplicate content


The statistics shown by the tests performed by the Facebook on small number of users are convincing. This showed the 5% increase of organic likes and shares for content that is referred from friends and 8% increase in the likes and shares for content that is referred from pages.


The impact on the organic reach to the content in the newsfeed has increased from 57% to 70% moving down the scale of 43% unreached content previously.


Spam links

Facebook has been a great channel for spammers to exploit. Scams of different kinds had flushed user walls and groups with links so far. Of them, the sites offering free recharge on sharing, click-to-see tempting porn links, who viewed your profile, missing Malaysian flight MH370 found, changing the Facebook theme in 60 seconds are popular.


Final words

The Facebook’s new algorithmic update is a good news for those who genuinely create content and look for the organic reach. It would be a thorn ball in the cushion for those who just wanted to have their content flooded with likes, shares and comments. AmfasTech thanks Facebook for making some improvements in the new algorithm that are anticipated and which notified through feedbacks.


What do you think? How Facebook’s new algorithm update is working for you? Are you benefitted or banished? Share your thoughts in comments!


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