Be Smart While Speaking To A Computer Technician
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Be Smart While Speaking To A Computer Technician

When you approach a technician because you need them to replace a motherboard or check what is wrong with your PC, don’t give the impression that you’re desperate and that they’re your only option. Make sure they know that you’re willing to visit other computer repair shops to get a second opinion or for a cheaper quote.


Approach the technician without your PC, and speak to them first. Tell them what the problem is and also what steps you have taken to troubleshoot the problem.


If you’re having problems recording sound on your PC, then explain the problem clearly and tell them what you did to troubleshoot it. This will make technician know that you’re not a computer idiot who believes in everything they say.


Some technicians can tell if you know nothing about computers. They will ask you to get a new motherboard or purchase some software. If you give them the impression that you know the basics of troubleshooting, they’ll think carefully on how to give you a good answer.


With your PC‟s inability to record sound, the technician will obviously suggest that the problem is with your sound card. You need to nod your head and agree with the suggestion. This will tell them that it’s also what you suspect.


What the technician can do now is to replace your sound card with a new one and give you a quote.


Do you see how difficult it is for the technician to charge you money for installing the sound card? You’re going to purchase the sound card from him and he knows that installing the sound card will take just 5 minutes of his time.


What you can do now is ask if you can buy the sound card and have the technician to install it for you, free of charge. Tell them that you can carry the PC to their shop in the next half hour.


The technician can now either agree to your suggestion or offer a low price to do the quick replacement.


If it’s a simple task of replacing a sound card, you can also do it yourself. Just open the case of your computer and see which card has speaker cables connected to it.


That is your sound card. Try to unscrew the card from your PC and place the new sound card inside. It’s really very simple.


However you need to be careful when you touch the inside of your PC because you may have some static electricity which will damage your computer. Although this is rare, it could happen.


To prevent the possibility of short circuiting your PC, switch the PC off and disconnect all power cords and accessories (keyboard/mouse). Then make sure that one of your hand is touching the metal surface of your computer case (make sure it’s not painted). This will eliminate the chance of having static electricity.


If you’ve created an image of your PC, you should rarely need to visit the computer repair shop unless you have problems with hardware.


One of the problems which I do recommend you to pay for is replacing the motherboard. This task is complex and takes a lot of time. It’s worth paying someone else to do it.

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